Mark Jackson comments

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Mark Jackson comments

I agree with Jackson 100 percent with his complaints. There is a difference between playing physical and intentionally trying to take someone out. I think he has a right to speak his mind. I will be rooting for the Warriors to come out of the west

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I'm a huge Jackson

I'm a huge Jackson supporter... Used to cut his grass when he still lived here in Indianapolis, but I agree with him 0%.

I don't think anybody was trying to intentionally "hurt" Stephen Curry. I thought the Warriors had more dirty plays than the Nuggets.

Anyway... The series is over and the Warriors were the better team. It's going to be interesting to see what they do with the Spurs.

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Jackson was just doing what he had to do to watch out for his guys. Nobody was trying to hurt anybody but by saying what he said he got the refs attention going into the next game.

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