Marcus Williams

does anyone know why Marcus Williams isnt on the Spurs summer league roster? or any summer league roster? i really believe this kid can help the team off the bench. he's the type of skilled young player the Spurs need/lack. can someone give me any input to whats going on with him?

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Notably 2014 may be a huge

Notably 2014 may be a huge summer with a long list of stars (2014 NBA Free Agents).

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Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles

Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers
All-Time Rank: 5
Total Career Points: 29,484
Needs: 1,936 points to move pass Wilt Chamberlain into fourth place

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McGrady is still looking for

McGrady is still looking for a job, and has interviewed with the Charlotte Bobcats already this offseason. Reports indicate that he is also being considered by the San Antonio Spurs and the New York Knicks, though it’s questionable whether either team would give him the guaranteed money he’s looking for.

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