Marc Gasol

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Marc Gasol

Well, I just wondering what's your thoughts on the debut of Marc Gasol in the NBA. How do you think he'll do this upcoming season? Will he give the Griz more of a inside presence and offer a more defensive presence on the court somewhat similar to his other brother, Pau? What do you think?

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He will be fine. Trust me.

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Marc Vs. Pau

Marc Gasol and Pau are very similar. Both 7 feet tall and have long hair.
Yet they're games are a bit different. Pau can shoot the ball great and Marc is Ok at shooting. He can still score but shooting is not his best attribute. Marc is a much better defender than Pau which will help Memphis a ton. They don't need anymore finesse players they already have Gay, Mayo and Conley. Now they just need to strengthen their bench and then they will be able to compete.

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He's gonna develop to be a

He's gonna develop to be a really good center. He really isn't shy of contact.. He bangs down low, and defends well in the post. He'll develop actual moves down there, and will be a presence down low.

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Good Center

Solid NBA center for a long time I think. Has a good idea of how to draw contact, and is a very good post defender. The only thing he needs to work on is probably his basketball IQ and reading offense.

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