Mam Jaiteh withdraws

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Mam Jaiteh withdraws

You guys might want to update your mock. French bigman Mam Jaiteh officially withdrew today.

Alex Kennedy ‏@AlexKennedyNBA

"Mouhammadou Jaiteh has decided to withdraw his name from the 2013 NBA Draft, according to his agent. He'll return to France for the season."

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livio abrines todorovic

livio abrines todorovic schroeder theis karasev dubljevic nogueira stay in...
toupane labeyrie chrysikopoulos bogdanovic saric neumann boncic out

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I believe you but where did

I believe you but where did you get that information, link please?

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i literally thought that was

i literally thought that was spam ^ until i re-read it multiple times... COMMAS are great things

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I thought he was dead set on

I thought he was dead set on coming to the NBA asap. I guess he didn't like his feedback.

He needs to somehow get more explosive in the paint area. He looks like he has good strength and length but he has little lift so he still gets stuffed or gets his shots altered.

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Geez, draft is just getting

Geez, draft is just getting weaker and weaker by the day it seems. Are Schroeder and Karasev gonna withdraw tomorrow too? smfh

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