Malik Newman

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Malik Newman

Has anyone seen Malik Newman in action? I have only seen some videos but he seems to be a very strong scorer

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Only seen videos

But from what I have seen and heard, the kid is pretty legit. Have seen a number of rankings that have him at the top of 2015. If he is not the top guy, he seems to be near the top. Probably players with more potential for growth and of course physical specimens like Karl Towns, but Malik looks like a player too watch. Much too early to say much for sure, but have heard numerous comparisons to Tyreke Evans, a player who ruled his HS class for a long time.

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That doesn’t mean that Davis

That doesn’t mean that Davis will hesitate to call someone out if he sees a teammate who isn’t following the game plan laid out by Williams. He feels players bear a share of the responsibility for keeping each other in line.

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