Madden 12 Demo Impressions

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Madden 12 Demo Impressions

First off, I'd like to point out the fact that I am a HUGE sports gamer. I play NBA. MLB, Madden, NHL, and NCAA Football. I play on the Xbox 360 console and I just tried out the demo for Madden 11.

I actually really liked it. I love Madden, but the past two games were so similar that I was a bit skeptical to buy the newest edition of the franchise. But after playing this demo, I am happy to say that I will indeed buy this game.

The demo shocked me because of it's amazing television camera angles and quality. You could choose to play with the normal camera angles or even with the broadcast view. The kicking animation was a little hard to handle at first but it was easy to adapt to after a few tries. The entrances for the teams was a HUGE upgrade, as now each team will have a realistic entrance for when they play at home. The option to have your plays picked by the coordinators is back, and while this is a good feature for anyone who likes to take advice, I found myself as one who likes to pick his own plays. The tackling animations were much better in this game, and they actually seemed realistic.

So overall, everything that I wanted in the demo happened except for a halftime show, which will hopefully be included in the regular version of the game. I had fun playing as the Bears against last year's Super Bowl champs, and I encourage anyone who is a fan of football to check out this game. Thank you for taking the time to read this impressions review.

Demo: 8.5/10.0

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Can't wait for 2012 to come out. My Eagles are going to be dirrrty.

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