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Mack Daddy

Shelvin Mack is one of the best guards in the country. But i think he can be more! i think he could be a good to great professional point guard. he is the total package! he is strong, quick, fast, decent shooter, a great defender, and a leader! he complemented Heyward so well last season and was a huge component to there championship run. what do you think?

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I hear alot folks are high on

I hear alot folks are high on him.Some people even compare him to Billups..I dont see it..Mack doesnt have point guard skills, he lacks great court vision and his passing is below average..I think he might a borderline NBA prospect,perennial D-Leagler,career Euro player or a solid NBA role player..Guys like Mack with unorthodox games are hard to figure out..He reminds me of Vinnie ''The Microwave''' Johnson who played with the Bad Boy Pistons in the 80's...Vinnie also had that linebacker built ,was undersized,good shooter,average ball handler but great clutch player...I wont spend a 1st round pick on him but if he was there in the 2nd round i'll pick him...

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