Luol Deng Value??

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Luol Deng Value??

I know anyone could be traded so just reporting that someone could be traded before or during the draft doesn't mean much. However, if I was the Bulls I would be looking to trade Deng. He has played a lot of minutes and his body is getting old NBA wise imo. He has one more year left on his contract and I would assume would be looking for a long term max deal and someone is likely to give it to him. I would not if I were the Bulls I would trade him instead of letting him walk away without getting talent in return. If the Bulls are looking for draft picks as the main talent in return along with a player to make the salaries match up what could the Bulls hope to get in return for Deng in this draft?

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Trading Deng does not make

Trading Deng does not make the Bulls a better team. Deng doesn't get a lot of love from the media and fans, but the coaches who vote for him as an allstar know his true value. Bulls will get Rose back and instantly become a contender again and that's just not something you blow up for picks when you don't need them.

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There's no reason for the

There's no reason for the Bulls to trade him. He's one of the best all around players in the league. He gives the team a good balance.

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There thinking about how far

There thinking about how far they got without Deng and the presence of jimmy. Deng does make a ton of money, so they figure they can get a first selection pick cut down on salary and hope to find more pieces around rose. They are in need for a backup center so i think they are targeting len

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I think it boils down to what kind of money Deng wants to make. If he thinks he is a max player, the Bulls cannot do that and you either let him walk for nothing or trade for value now. If he wants a longer term more modest contract, than I think the Bulls have to retain him. He does fill a lot of voids for them and also defends LeBron well.

Curious to see/hear what the Cavs are offering.

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No reason to trade him, he's

No reason to trade him, he's a key 2nd/3rd option for them, and you'll never get his worth in return. He also is one of the most complete players in the league with a complete all around game

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^^^ The Bulls should ask for


The Bulls should ask for picks 19 and 31 as well as Varejao as well as throwing in Wayne Ellington or Luke Walton in a sign and trade. Wayne would give the Bulls an extra shooter and a younger guy. Luke Walton would give them a smart veteran who can pass and play the small forward spot.

The Bulls would be great inside with Nah, Booz, Andy V, and Taj Gibson. With Rose back he gives them a great backcourt by himself with Butler on the wing. Wayne or Luke would give them some more depth. They should probably resign Nate Robinson since he is one of the best 6th man type guys in the league. Then they have some really good draft picks at 19 (Cavs), 20, and 31 (Cavs). They can get a solid shooting guard with one of those picks. Maybe Ledo or Tim Hardaway or Glen Rice Jr.

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not like chicago can get anybody to take Boozer!

not like any team wants Boozer or his bloated salary, sorry your stuck with him

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