Lucas Nogueira

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Lucas Nogueira

When I was looking at this mock draft 76ers picking Lucas Nogueira. My question is does he help the front court up and Do you like the fit here???

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i think nogueira is ok, but if they had a shot at steven adams; i think he'd be a better fit. he tested well athletically and has the body to bang right away. nogueria is about 10-20 lbs away and has to learn the differences between euro ball and the nba. i think pitt and jamie dixon run a pretty solid program that is very familar with the traditional nba style of play.

my other thought is they go for cj mccollum. he's a tweener but holiday has sg size so defensively they both can hold their own. but i think the 76ers need some scoring help pretty badly. they really missed louis williams.

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I don't really know that much

I don't really know that much about Nogueira other than what I have read, but I find it interesting that his standing reach is listed at 9'6", which is just 1 inch shorter than Rudy Gobert's. I sort of doubt the accuracy of that since is so out of wack with his height/wingspan, but that is pretty freakish and he doesn't seem to be a half bad athlete.

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In watching Lucas the thing

In watching Lucas the thing that stands out to me is how fast he is and how well he runs the court, he really sprints the court and outruns just about everyone . His length is really good 7'6 with 9'6 standing reach, has good agility . All these things contribute to him finishing pretty well around the rim , the biggest problem with him is his weight and strength and he doesn't seem to have much offense other than ally oops on pick and rolls and out running everyone to finish in the open court. As a mid to late 1st rounder he looks like he can at least be a 3rd (or4th) big. Depending on who the Jazz take at 14, Lucas at 21 wouldn't be a bad choice.

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