Lou Will Drops 50

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Lou Will Drops 50

50 pts on 27 shots, 38 in the 2nd half. Damn. Was averaging 31 in the 5 previous, but man. Let's put him in ASG!!! I love this dude. Do the Clips trade him and see what they can get? Expiring contract, instant offense of the bench... Some contender will give up assests for him.

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Should he be in the

Should he be in the conversation for being an All Star this year? The dude is playing unreal, averaging 22pts and a shade under 5asts per game. Without his play through all these injuries the Clippers record could be a lot worse.

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Really got hot in the 3rd.

Really got hot in the 3rd. Clippers won on the road against GSW on a night where Durant dropped 40. I really hope Williams finally finds a home because this is a great situation for him.

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It’s a crime that teams play

It’s a crime that teams play hot potato with him too often; he needs a permanent home.

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Often happens to those

Often happens to those generally undersized natural 2's, the microwave tweener guards who only really contribute scoring, and can contribute that big time in big moments at times... Lou, J-Crawford, Eric Gordon, Ben Gordon, Jason Terry, Kevin Martin, and to a lesser extent Vinnie Johnson who found a real home with the Bad Boys. Hopefully Lou finds that real home for the latter half of his career.

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Funny you say that, Clippers

Funny you say that, Clippers will trade him to a contender next

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A contender with cap space

A contender with cap space could give him a nice deal as he'd be an instant offence threat possibly as a 6th man.

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He can keep both of his

He can keep both of his girlfriends

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Maybe the Cavs should try to get the Clippers to include him in a potential Deandre Jordan trade. Not sure it solves anything defensively against a team like the Rockets or the Warriors because they shoot so many 3s, but it would give them rim protection and rebounding and please for the love of god, get JR Smith the &$#%#[email protected]! outta there, dude has been APB for years and no1 seems to mention it. He just sucks so bad

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