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Lotto Mocks

Let The fun and games begin. Post up for lotto mocks and why you think a teams headed in a direction you believe their going to.

1. Blake Griffen
2. Jordan Hill
3. Hasheem Thabeet
4. Ricky Rubio
5. Demar Derozan
6. Brandon Jennings
7. Johnny Flynn
8. Stephen Curry
9. James Harden
10. Gerald Henderson
11. Earl Clark
12. Wayne Ellington
13. Chase Budinger
14. Ty Lawson

IF I'm The Clippers;
I Strongly Consider Shopping this pick. Why? Because you have 5 big men worth mentioning on your roster. Marcus Camby, Chris Kaman, Zach Randolph, Deandre Jordan and Al Thorton. I know a core trio of Jordan, Griffen and Gordon sounds intriguing, but with this franchise an nba championship is never set in stone. The clippers primary need is Point Guard. Baron Davis' health is questionable at best and he may just need a wake up call to get him going in this league again. Although I don't believe Blake Griffen is the best prospect of this draft, I think the Clippers may be able to get something done on draft night with the Thunder. Possibly Giffen, Jordan for the #3 and Jeff Green. It's pricey, but I;'m sure both sides would entertain that offer if proposed. Clippers Select Blake Griffen at 1

IF I'm the Grizzlies;
I am a Memphis Grizzlies fan so forgive me for my bias. As much as I love Ricky Rubio as a player I think you attack this draft in one of two ways. First you must establish if your going to have your future of OJ Mayo playing the 1 or the 2. Once that's determined you seal Mike Conley's fate. I think he's an intriguing expendable prospect. The Grizzlies biggest needs in my mind are PF and then PG. With Griffen off the board that leaves three names worth considering. Rubio, Hill, and Thabeet. Thabeet makes the most sense because of his defensive prowess, but can you really run an uptempo offense with Mayo, Conley, Gay in the back court and having Thabeet and Gasol straggling along? I Think not. Let's also not forget the show Dejaun Blair put on Thabeet. If you can move Conley you draft Ricky Rubio and don't look back, but honestly I just see this pick being Jordan Hill. He's a Junior like Thabeet who has the ideal size of a versatile 3-4 who can step in and play power forward right now. He's improved every year at Arizona and I think in the long run he may be the best player out of this draft. Memphis Select Jordan Hill at 2.

IF I'm the Thunder;
This is a tough one, but I think it all comes down to what you define Kevin Durant as at the NBA Level. I do not like the idea of him being your franchise shooting guard and playing Jeff Green at his more comfortable position at the 3. Russel Westbrook proved he can play point guard at the NBA level so I think you pass on Rubio here. I think what it comes down to is Harden, Derozan and Thabeet. They traded a first round pick for Thabo Sefolosha who looked pretty good when Durant missed time so I think they give him the look at Shooting Guard to start the season. This team has never had much luck drafting legit NBA Centers, (Petro, Sene, Swift, *I still have faith in Ibanka*) but I think you can't pass up on Thabeet here. Their best lineup going into next season consists of Westbrook, Sefolosha, Durant, Green, Thabeet. It's not dominating and probably lottery worthy next year, but you have to give these kids time to develop. Thunder Select Thabeet at 3.

IF I'm the Kings;
With Rubio on the board and Beno Udrih as your starting pg I think the decision is a no brainer. With no legit Small Forward prospects taking in the top 5 (I think Clark is top 10 worthy, but) You take the best player available. They might consider Harden or Derozan here and move Martin to the 3, but I think hes more comfortable playing the two. Jason Thompson can play Power Forward in this league and will be a special player for years to come. Let's not forget what Hawes did with serious minutes last season. He's vastly exceeded my expectations. In a matter of three years Ricky Rubio will be a top 5 point guard in the west playing along side Kevin Martin, Jason Thompson, and Spencer Hawes. Kings Select Ricky Rubio at 4.

IF I'm the Wizards;
Aran, I had so much faith in you up until this point. Saying Hill makes perfect sense for the Wizards is a joke. They drafted McGee last year, and have Brendon Haywood coming back from injury to play center. I understand Antwain Jamison isn't a long term commodity for the Wiz Kids, but why else do you think they Drafted Andray Blatche a few years back. The kid can play the 3,4,5 in this league with ease if given the minutes. Where this team lacks in my mind is depth at the 2/3. So the idea of Derozan/Harden makes perfect sense in my mind. I don't think Nick Young is a long term solution for the Wizards, but I do think Javaris Crittenton showed flashes of brilliance when given the opportunity. I think because of the success this team has had they will Draft Derozan and develop him into one of the most dominating 2 guards in the east within a few years. If not he's a sixth man at worse for this team. Wizards Select Demar Derozan at 5.

IF I'm the Twolves;
I forfeit my pick. No seriously after trading away OJ Mayo in the Kevin Love/Mike Miller Swap this team deserves a loss of a pick. They actually benefit beautifully from a pg deep draft and with Jennings on the board i can't see them passing up on him here. It'd be one of the best picks the T Wolves have made in the last 5 years. Randy foye is a 2 guard and not a point guard. Minnesota finally realized that this season. Corey Brewer comes back, but will be designated to the bench with Miller playing the 3. It's going to be really intriguing to see how comfortable Al Jefferson is playing at the Center. I think hes much more of a natural power forward, but his high school numbers speak otherwise. Sebastain Telfair did a decent job filling in, but Brandon Jennings just makes the most sense with no other viable big man prospect worthy of top ten consideration. Timberwolves select Brandon Jennings at 6.

IF I'm the Warriors;
With Harden on the Board you really have to think about this one, but for any fantasy owner who had Jamal Crawford on their squads last season they'll tell you simply theirs no room for him. Nelson loves Belinelli and will do everything in his power to play this kid. I've lived in Syracuse my entire life and I just see Johnny Flynn being the pick here. I know its a drastic jump from late lottery to in the top 10, but Monta Ellis is a natural shooting guard forcing himself to play the 1. A line up of Flynn, Ellis, Jackson, Wright, Biedrins with Randolph, and Maggette on the bench sounds very intriguing next season. Golden State Select Johnny Flynn at 7.

IF I'm the Knicks;
I still think Curry fits much more into your system than James Harden does. You can ease him into the point guard position or eventually define the positions as Nate Robinson's, but it just makes a lot of sense here. D'Antoni's systems can turn mediocrity into superiority. Just ask Shawn Marion and Wilson Chandler where their careers would be without him. You gotta remember Galinaris coming back from injury next season too. Do not be surprised if New York reaches at a big man here in Mullens, Blair or Lawal. It's very possible. Knicks Select Stephen Curry at 8.

IF I'm the Raptors;
You can't pass up on Harden here. Your getting plenty of bag for your buck at the 9 spot in one of the most intriguing players from this draft. Just think of a lineup of Calderon-Harden-Marion-Bargnani-Bosh. It might be the best team from above the border in my lifetime. They will deeply evaluate Henderson, Clark as well, but Harden is a steal for them at 9. Raptors Select James Harden at 9.

If I'm the Bucks;
I've seen a lot of big east basketball this season and I know Earl Clark here is pretty much a steal, but I'm really high on Gerald Henderson being a Legit NBA 2 guard. Scott Skiles is in love with Luke Ridnour despite Ramon Sessions being the better player of the two so don't expect them to draft a point guard here. I think with Villanueva's play during the season their going to try and resign him to the best of their ability. Michael Redds health has been on the decline over the years so that's just another reason to draft a 2 or a 3. Bucks Select Gerald Henderson at 10.

If I'm the Nets;
The next two really puzzle me. New Jerseys locked at the 1,2,5 with Harris, Carter, Lopez and some may consider Yi's spot at the 4 as good as gold, but I think it's an open job come training camp between Yi, Boone, and Anderson. Clark makes perfect sense for New Jerseys system to replace Richard Jefferson and a nice running mate for who ever they bring in when this Brooklyn project finally becomes official. I'm just not sold on Budinger at all being anything more than a 15-6-3 guy at the next level. He just doesn't do it for me. Tyreke Evans is a very strong possibility here. Nets Select Earl Clark at 11.

If I'm the Bobcats;
Ellington makes some sense with the way they've drafted in past years and with the Brown-Jordan connection. They have a glaring need at the two with Jason Richardson gone. He's got the size and ability, but he's never given me that wow factor that I thought he'd bring to college. Winning the national championship may have just kept him at home with this pick. He's got Okafor, Diaw, Wallace, Augistine to cover him up so I think he will fit nicely here. Bobcats Select Wayne Ellington at 12.

If I'm the Pacers;
I'm terrified by Mike Dunleavy's health concerns and it may just be enough for them to draft a 2-3 combo in Budinger. Rush played fairly well for them this season and Grangers got the 3 on lock. Drafting a point guard makes little to no sense to me here. You have 3 on your roster in Ford, Jack and Tinsley. I know Tinsley will never play for the Pacers again, but he's still their third point guard. You traded Jaryed Bayless to get Jack and Rush so the Maynor pick doesn't make much sense to me. James Johnson could sneak here at 13 too, or Casspi as a project if they have faith in Dunleavy. Pacers Select Chase Budinger at 13.

If I'm the Suns;
Point Guard, Point Guard, Point Guard. This is a pick that will take 2-3 years much like Aaron Rodgers for the packers, but I'm gonna put my money on it being Lawson over the field. If Phoenix want's to run he's the man to do it with. I like Maynor, but If they don't go lawson I think it will be patty mills. Suns Select Ty Lawson at 14.

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You put too much thought itno my mock Mock draft 3.1!!!!

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This is pretty bad

Hill to Memphis at 2? "Being be best player in this draft"? ....I'll let everyone else rip you apart on that one.

Harden's slipping to 9? No chance in Hell.

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Hill is a much better fit

Hill is a much better fit for that team than thabeet and rubio. Marc Gasol did a fairly well job at center last season and aside from him the big man help was slim to none. You draft hill and can slide him into your starting power forward spot right away without screwing with you team chemistry. Thabeets soft for a 7ft big man and i don't like the idea of moving Marc to the PF to allow him to play. I also said he very well could be the best player in this draft not will be. The skys the limit for hill. I think the chris bosh comparison is a bit hefty from the gates but it's not as far fetched as it may sound. I am a big ricky rubio fan, but with mike conley on the roster you really don't want to have two point guards of that caliber playing on the same team. As for Harden, he had a terrible NCAA tournament to go along with all of the flaws of his game. Adjusting to the nba speed will be a challenge for him and I think that's a concern to nba teams. I did my mock based on needs if you didn't notice.

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