Lionel Hollins not returning

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Lionel Hollins not returning

I don't understand. This coach has coached Memphis to its best season in franchise history with 56 wins and a Western Conference Finals appearance and they decided not to renew his contract.

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Philosophical differences

I think the front office wants to build the team a certain way and wants players to be develop and grow into prominent roles(i.e. Wroten and Davis). I think Hollins wanted to compete and win a Championship and he sees his best chance of that being by relying on his veterans and not potentially losing games relying on young guys. Hollins has never been a fantastic developer, with exception of Conley. His unwillingness to play Vasquez, Henry, Selby, Wroten, and Davis has signed his pink slip. Now most of this has been bad luck with the previous GM trading away solid players like Vasquez, Carroll, Jones, and Young too quickly, before he could have potentially developed them. However, I have a hard time seeing the GM trading away players for veterans without some input from Hollins. The new regime wants a developer, someone they can work with as a team. George Karl just got fired for the same reasons Hollins would have been fired next season if he had been kept around. George Karl. Hollins was doomed from the start.

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