Lets get one thing straight

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"He is the most exciting,

"He is the most exciting, awesome player in the game today. I think it's just God disguised as Michael Jordan." - Larry Bird 1986

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Scarecrow. AI crossed the

Scarecrow. AI crossed the shit outta kobe too. 2 times.

Anyways from what I have seen I think Jordan is a little better. I think Jordan was a much better finisher, but Kobe has better perimeter skills all around, jumper included. they are both tough shot makers, but I think kobe takes tougher shots, sometimes forcing them. Jordan, i think was the better playmaker, as in making his teammates better, and i also think hhe was more clutch. Kobe is top 5-7 all time IMO. I still wanna see how he is next year, and see how he fares against LeBron in a finals matchup. Im putting my money on that for next year.

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About all you have to know is in the close out game Jordan wasn't going to shoot 25% the way Kobe did (6 0ut 24) and he was going to be the best defender on the floor every game ..... and it wasn't ever going to go 7 games.

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He could play with Shaq

Butler, I'll grant that you can never know what chemistry issues might have existed in such a hypothetical pairing, but you can't really compare Bill Cartwright and Shaq. Cartwright was a fine center, but was past his prime by the time he and MJ were playing together - be honest, if you are Michael Jordan, do you want Bill Cartwright taking a bunch of shots, especially if they come at the expense of your own? If he'd played with Shaq, they would have learned to co-exist because doing so would have equaled wins, which is what MJ was all about. That, and selling as much crap as humanly possible.

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