Let it be known

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Let it be known

I just want to say just incase nobody else did.

On the coattails of R.C. Buford, Greg Pop, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu.....

Tracy McGrady is going to the conference finals haha.

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I swear if the Spurs win the

I swear if the Spurs win the finals, there will be a meme about Tmac along the lines of: "I don't always make it out of the first round, but when I do I win championships". Something along those lines.

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Memphis has beat San Antonio

Memphis has beat San Antonio and this Memphis team is a lot better than the one that beat them back in the day. Also Spurs barely got past GSW. It looks like it will be Memphis/Miami finals and the thing is Memphis could actually win.

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my dream come true would be

my dream come true would be to see a heat/spurs finals and have Tmac reburst his career and go toe to toe with lebron lol

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