Let em play...

I know a lot of Detroit fans, including me, are not very happy with last year's failure. Many are saying that we need to go out and spend a bunch of money on free agency, trade up in the draft and things of that nature but I have a new apporach.

Let em play...

Although our team is not very deep I think we need to let go all of our expiring contracts that include:

1) Rasheed Wallace - his dominant status is over. He never seems like he comes to play and he always has something to say.

2) Allen Iverson - enough said...

3) Antonio McDyess - I love Dice. He's one of the best contributors on our team but I still think we need to let him go. He's old and he's taking away time from our younger players that need experience.

4) Walter Hermann - He plays wonderful defense and that's about it. He needs to go.

With all of these players gone we can start to develop some of our young players. I'm still not sold that Rodney Stuckey can't be a good point guard in the NBA. He has good ball control for his age and he can get to the basket. With Stuckey, Hamilton and Prince, I would say that Detroit might have the best 1-2-3 in the NBA. I know there are others but they are all fairly young and still play at an extremely high level. Our problems are down low and they need to be fixed but I don't think bringing in a Hedo Turkoglu, or a Carlos Boozer, or even a Chris Kaman can help us out down low and WILL NOT put us over the hump.

I say we keep our team that we now together and draft some players and just let em play. We have 4 draft picks this year and I know one or two will be good enough to be subs in the NBA or even starters and the other two can fill roles on our team. Right now we have:

PG - Rodney Stuckey, Will Bynum
SG - Rip Hamilton, Aron Affalo
SF - Tay Prince, Walter Sharpe
PF - Amir Johnson, Jason Maxiell
C - Kwame Brown

In this draft we need wing players who can shoot and some players who can bump and grind down low. I don't think that BJ Mullens would be a good pick cuz the kid is soft and he hasn't played enough. He'll need a lot of developing. What about a player like Earl Clark or James Johnson? and maybe Jonas Jerebko in the 2nd round?

Free agency is not the answer this year. Next year will be better with playes like Amar'e and Chris Bosh out there. We are good at our 1-2-3 spots, we just need 4-5.

Tell me what you think?

George Birdsall
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