Lester Hudson

Whats going on with him? i remember last year, he got a lotta buzz, but i havent heard anything this year. Anyone have info on him regarding this years draft?

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While I don't necessarily

While I don't necessarily expect Hudson to be drafted, I expect him to get his chance at the NBA level though he will likely land in the D-League or Europe. The Sixers brought him in for a group workout not too long ago and he has already spent time with the Wizards, Bucks, Bobcats, Bulls, Lakers, and Kings. Atlanta actually has him in town for a workout today. A typical tweener combo-guard that offers little else but scoring potential and nowadays in the NBA more is needed to stick on a roster. It's not crazy to think he may be drafted later on in the second round if a team has enough interest in him, but there are very few NBA systems and defenses that are slightly athletic combo-guard friendly. As I said before, I think he'll get his chance on an NBA team, probably play some summer ball, but I think he'll ultimately end up making his money overseas.

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ok thank u

ok thank u

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I think he'll be

I think he'll be drafted....probably not until mid 2nd round, though

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