Lenny Cooke Documentary Coming Soon

This is one of the Docs I have been waiting for, this guy was rated above EVERYONE in HS(Melo,Bron,Amare, etc) and to alot of scouts back then he was head and shoulders better than them, until Lebron ended him.

I'm just intrigued to see how can one game an all-star game at that just make your stock drop that low, pretty sure other things were mixed in as well(Being a little older,not playing his senior year etc.) But everyone mainly says his downfall was after Lebron torched him.

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are there videos of the

are there videos of the lebron-lenny matchup?

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Here's an interesting article

Here's an interesting article on Lenny, including some input on his matchup versus Lebron.


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IDK, but im hoping in the documentary they show footage of that matchup

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Lenny Cooke

The guy had an obvious talent. According to what I've read, he forgo of accepting scholarships from schools like North Carolina and Ohio State to join NBA draft (turned out to be his downfall). He went undrafted and the rest is history.

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been waiting forever for this

does it have a date yet?

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I have seen that footage

Lebron dominating the game, but not to the point where it was career ending though. Lenny had one or two amazing plays that game, but for the most part was not a factor, if i recall I dont think he reached double figures and if he did it wasnt more than like 13. Lenny's downfall was bad advice from people leaching on and also Lenny wasnt the brightest crayon in the box.

There must have some underlying issues as well though, because despite his performance against Lebron, I could think of about 60 guys in the NBA at that time Lenny was head and shoulders above. For some reason he was blackballed and he is not the first and wont be the last. Paul Mcpherson (attitude) Joseph Forte (Attitude) Rashad Mccants (Attitude) and Ed Booger Smith (Dont know why) but all of these guys were blackballed by the league, but had NBA talent and could more than hold their own.

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What ever happen to this?

What ever happen to this?

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Isn't he a 300+lb chef

Isn't he a 300+lb chef nowadays? Something like that?

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