LeBron's post game Vs. Kobe

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LeBron's post game Vs. Kobe

One of my friends and I just concluded a heated argument over whether Kobe's post game--and for that matter overall offensive game--is far superior to LeBron's post game, and LeBron's overall offensive game. IMO, Kobe is more complete. He posts up smaller players, hits midrange, hits tre balls with far greater consistency....LeBron may be the more talented player overall, but i feel as if Kobe's offensive game is definitely a step above...Thoughts? Agree or Disagree, and why?

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some ways

in scoring yes. kobe is a more tactical intelligent scorer but i still believe lebron has better court vision and passing ability.

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Kobe Bryant's post game is

Kobe Bryant's post game is way better.

Let's be real: LeBron doesn't even have a post game. I cannot remember him catch a pass on the low block or in the lane. He's a striker. He attacks from all different angles. Kobe is a all around player. He could attack but sometimes, he could put the post moves on you.

As big of a LBJ fan I am, He needs to improve that. He needs to develop one.

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Thats what makes Kobe so

Thats what makes Kobe so good, he rapes his opponents, , when Lebrons on the court he just casually asks for sex, thats what separates Kobe, from Lebron.

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^^^LOL, great stuff there

^^^LOL, great stuff there revenger.

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lol revenger.

lol revenger.

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Kobe Bryant's offensive game

Kobe Bryant's offensive game is light years above Lebrons. Lebron is a great physical athletic specimen. His offensive skills need work. Also yall must forget that Kobe can pass and make some nice passes too but he has the mindset of a 2 guard which he is. Maybe Lebron needs to figure out who he is. Will he be a point guard with the body of a power forward or will he learn to maximize all his strengths. Lebron does not have strong mid range game either. I would take Melo, Durant, Wade, and even Roy over Lebron in offensive skill set.

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Rip him all you want. Even

Rip him all you want. Even with a "bad offensive skill-set" he still got thirty a game with almost 9 asts...He is a sound scorer that can score whenever he wants but prefers to hit the open man

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This isn't even a good

This isn't even a good debate.

Kobe Bryant is by far the most complete offensive player in the world. What can't he do? He has arguably the greatest footwork in the NBA. The way he uses his pivots, you can't tell if he's left or right handed. He's equally good pivoting with both feet. He can post you up and draw a double team. He's not phased by the double team... He attacks it. He can fade to his left or the right shoulder... He can hit you with the up and under (going to the left or to the right). He can get ANY shot he wants... Not to mention get his teammates any shot they want. He doesn't have the court vision that LeBron has, BUT... he can pick a defense apart.

He can play on or off of the ball. He moves well off of the ball. He can catch and shoot. He can shoot, drive or pass off of the pick and roll. He shoots the one or two dribble pull up with ease. He can shoot the trey ball. He has an amazing in between game. He can put the ball on the floor and finish at the rim. There is NO defense for Kobe Bryant. You only hope to play him the best you can and hope he misses. He has no weaknesses offensively. He's just getting old. That's ALL.

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Lebrons preference

for always wanting to hit the open man will be his downfall. hes gotta learn 2 be selfish eventually

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