LeBron James pregame dunks

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LeBron James pregame dunks

He never enters the dunk contests and yet he keeps teasing us with his dunk routines. Can't believe he pulls these dunks off with such ease and with his warm-up suit on...

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He's said he's going to stop

He's said he's going to stop these pre game ones if people keep pestering about the dunk contest. Massive shame of he did stop.

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Best player/dunker that will

Best player/dunker that will never end up doing a dunk contest in his career.

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there ok dunks. people are

there ok dunks. people are making the dunks sound better than they really are because its lebron. there are plenty of guys in the league that can do those dunks

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Its the fact that he is doing

Its the fact that he is doing them in warmups for fun and making it look effortless. Ya they arent the best dunks ever but the first one was at least creative and imagine what else he could just make up? Not to mention he would do them very clean and powerful as well.

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That is the point about him

That is the point about him doing the dunk can't complain about being tired or not wanting to get hurt when you effortlessly throw down jams in warmups that would easily win the dunk contest. He needs to be in it next year and somebody like Blake Griffin needs to call him out...

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