LeBron doing too much? nonsense

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LeBron doing too much? nonsense

Wade implied it, reporters are saying it. Does everyone forget how the heat lost two years ago and how they won last year?

Here are some of LeBron's numbers last year. 30.3 ppg, 21.8 shots/game, 33.4 usage. When they fell down 2-1 to Indy last year, he responded with 40/18/9 on 27 shots. Bosh wasn't just playing poorly, he was out. While Wade did have 30 that game, their other 3 starters combined for just 11 points on 4-16 shooting. In the next round, they fell down 3-2, in game 6 LeBron had a game of 45/15/5 on 26 shots, Wade had 17 points on 6-17 shooting. If LeBron doesn't put the team in his back then and will them to victory, they don't even make the finals.

Here are his numbers this year. 25.8 ppg, 17.7 shots/game, 29.1 usage. Those are closer to his 2011 numbers when they lost than his 2012 numbers when they won. He's only had one game over 30 points, he's only had two games he's taken more than 21 shots (they won both). The problem isn't that LeBron is trying to do too much, it's that he's still deferring too much. If he doesn't have his Cleveland level aggressiveness in game 7, they are going to lose.

It's pretty strange that the game 7 loss to Boston in 08 gets brought up as a reason for LeBron to do less instead of the many times that saved the team, both in Cleveland and in Miami. It only failed that one time because Pierce had a career game the same night and boston had a bit more depth (P. J. Brown came out of nowhere to have some critical plays).

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