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As you all probably know, Lebron just finished up the month of february with a 64.1% field goal percentage. The last time this was done by a player with at least 200 field goal attempts was by Kareem Abdul Jabbar in March of 1983.

As of right now Lebron's 2012-2013 PER sits at 31.94. That is the best single season PER ever. Better than Jordan, better than Wilt...ever.

Wilt's best wat 31.84, Jordan's best was 31.71. Lebron's previous best was 31.67.

Here is a list of the top single season PER scores.


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Do you happen to know what it

Do you happen to know what it was before his amazing February run? Just curious as to how much it rose during that time.

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I don't know what it was

I don't know what it was before, but his PER in 13 games in the month of february was 38.5.

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^ Oh my god

^ Oh my god

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Crazy. LeBron already has 3

Crazy. LeBron already has 3 of the top 10 and will obviously get a fourth this year with a chance to get the best ever. He could potentially get a couple more in the top ten and maybe like 5 more in the top 15-20. Just insane how he keeps getting better every year at almost everything. He is really turning into the best all around and most efficient player of all time.

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