Landry, Rockets, & Suns

Rumor has it that the Rockets are trying to get into the Lottery by using Carl Landry as trade bait. Not sure if the Rockets would bite, but I think that Landry is way better way to go than Earl Clark or James Johnson for a couple of reasons.
1) he has proven to be a good role player. The suns are only looking for someone to come in and provide some solid rebounding, defense, and score a little bit off the glass. They pretty much need a new Matt Barnes without the mouth. Landry does not have the upside that Clark and Johnson have, but his downside is non-existent. You know what you’re getting.
2) Bringing in another young, but proven player will take the pressure off of Lopez and Dragic to be amazing second year players. I think one of the reasons that Lopez and Dragic played so well towards the end of the season is that they didn’t feel the pressure to perform. When all of the sudden they aren’t the Young guys, they are going to feel the heat to put up numbers or be sent packing. I think both of those guys have futures for the Suns, maybe not as starters, but they could be the key pieces to well rounded team.

3) (though this is not quite on the topic) I think with this trade, the suns could be contenders(maybe not beating the Lakers, but look how good the Rockets were when the team played together without Yao). The suns just need to start playing like this isn’t their last season. With such huge improvements from the bench at the end of the season from guys like Dudley and Amundsun, and with the addition of a solid 3 4 guy like Landry the suns would look like this:
PG- Nash, Dragic,
SG- Richardson, Barbosa, Tucker
SF- Hill (re-sign)- Landry, Dudley
PF- Amare, Amundsun
C- Shaq, Lopez
Add at least 1 more 2nd rounder from this years draft.

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