Lance Stephson

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Lance Stephson

Is this kid Lance Stephson A.) The next great things, in terms of being the powerful Lebron James type B.) Just another hyped up New York City product ala Bassy Telfair or C.) A solid player won't stand out like a Michael Beasley or Kevin Durant player in college. Saw a couple of his game live and on T.V. and I feel he's another pre-madonna who will flop at the next level. When coach Bob Mckillop had him on the Under 18 team he felt that his atitude wasn't that good, and that he was selfish. I also feel that Xavier Henry and John Wall are better than he is. O bye the way where the heck is he going to college is it Kansas, Maryland, Saint Johns, Kentucky, Memphis or USC. Lance clearly is picking his degree in basketball and I feel USC is the best considering Tim Floyd likes those 1 and done players like O.J. Mayo, and now probably Demar Derozen.

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Lance Stephenson

He has definitely regressed over the last year. Let's call it like we see it. He is not the quickest or most athletic guy. He's a power guard who will not find it as easy in college as he does in high school to manhandle everybody to get where he wants to get to on the floor. I would take Xavier Henry over him in a heartbeat. My only concern with Xavier is that he doesn't have Lance's Killer, at least I haven't seen it. He has horrible body language often showing up his less talented teammates. He does have that killer in him though, which I admire in any player,but I just don't see superstar written all over him like some people do. I think he is a product of the typical New York City hype and I have a hard time seeing him be a truly elite player in the league. USC would not work out for him because they are a perimeter heavy team. Daniel Hackett will be back next year and they have Solomon Hill and Noel Johnson ( future pro) coming in next year on the wing and Demar Derozan will probably be back as well.

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Not quick enough

I was watching him on espn, and i could not figure out how he got past people. He looked so slow he was one of the slowest players on the floor, and he did not have that understanding of angle that James Harden and Paul Peirce has. He put on to much muscle, and lost alot of quickness. Unless he gets quicker, or starts to understand the angle, and plays more intelligently he will not go very far.

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I see many people don't

I see many people don't think that stephson is worth all the hype,but he really is. Yeah he may have a bad attitude but that they can and will be fixed on the next level.When he is on the college he will be a big impact type of player for whatevr school he goes to. I think at the end of day he will be a redstorm where he will have the ball in his hand right way. Think of him as a smaller Ron Artest.

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He should go to St. Johns

He should go to St. Johns and be the hometown hero!

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stay at home

as a duke fan i love all recruits and want them at duke but with this guy............jus go to st johns and try 2 be the man. if ur a star we regret not getting u and if ur not a star..........we didnt miss anything

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He has a bad attitude

He has a bad attitude because he doesn't want to be in high school or college, all he cares about is the NBA, once he gets there, I see him thriving.

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he should just go to st. johns

he will probably be the 1st option since anthony mason jr missed the last season cos of injury...

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He's ok

I personally think he is overrated, and this is from watching him play live. He just overpowers everyone, but once someone goes at him or play's real D on him he tends to shy away from the spot light

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ive watched him a couple

ive watched him a couple times and i must admit he is a tad overrated...that said he is a good player very nice handles allows him to get past people and when he puts his mind to it he is a very good passer...attitude is the big problem though

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over seas??

Ive heard that he might join the Brandon Jennings of this world and head of to Europe for a year.

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my nephew JOSH HUESTIS

he is a 6'8 215 pound pf/sf upcomming sr out of greatfalls montana(cmr hs)..he lead his team to a state title with only 2 loses for the season..he made first team all state mvp of the state tournament and won the gatorade player of the year award... josh has gotten many write ups in the montana paper about being one of the best players to ever come out of montana as well as projecting to be the best to ever come out after his senior year he also just went to the oklahoma state elite basketball camp where he was one of (if not the best) player at the camp and after wards was offered a scholarship and is now being heavily pursued by them( you can contact the coach for confirmation)..he is also working with a couple of nba players as well as his father( derrell"poncho"hodges) who is also a former probasketball player and a couple european players (ewbekwi) while out in california..on top of his personal trainers hes been running at ucla with these pros and every last one of them (kevin love, stephon maurbury) says he has nba potenial with the comparisions being a combination off the late eddie griffin and shane battier except alot more athletiand has better handles. his next stop inbetween training is the washington elite basketball camp and then aau. The reason i am writing this is because it takes alot more politicing when a player is playing in a place like montana then in cali,nyc,dc and other cities where the prep websites travel too. there are also a couple of highly ranked prepschools in vegas,northcarolina,conneticut,and california who would like for him to come to there school to play next season just from there former alumni seeing him play against the pro players in cali....he is also a very good person and recived a 31 on his act as well as being a 4.0 student

he also just got offers from maryland and gonzaga


Players of the Week:
Josh Huestis of CMR. Josh Huestis put on offensive and defensive clinic this past weekend. The 6’ 7” Huestis scored 20 points, grabbed 10 boards and blocked 5 shots in leading his team to an overtime victory over second ranked and defending state champion Billings West. The junior added 18 points, 10 rebounds and 6 block shots the following night in a 20 point thumping of Billings Senior. Huestis is averaging 11 boards, 4.5 blocked shots and nearly 16 points per outing.

It was the best in the east versus the best in the west. So naturally I had to check it out when Helena Capital hit the road for the Electric City and a match up with CM-Russell on Saturday. What did I learn? Josh Huestis is the best basketball player in Montana.

14 points, 7 rebounds, 9 blocked shots.
The numbers might not blow you away, but I have never seen a player in Montana dominate a game like Josh did this season. Check out the video at the top of this post. Officially they gave him 9 blocks, but I counted at least 11. Even when he wasn't blocking shots, just his presence in the middle made any player hesitant to take it to the hole. Matt Miller, one of the top players around, was held to just 33% shooting. Every time I have seen Miller play he has driven to the rim easily, but on Saturday Huestis was there just about every time. He's like a pogo stick. Even if he gets faked out, he still has the athleticism to recover and swat one.
On the offensive end Capital was triple teaming him almost the entire game and he still got 14. The thing I was most impressed with were his ball distribution skills. Not once did he force up a bad shot. If it wasn't there he always hit the open man. And when he did get it down low with only single coverage...he was unstoppable. The kid has some serious post moves, and can jump higher than pretty much anyone else in the state. When I saw him last year he could dunk, but he needed to be wide open. This year, it doesn't matter where he is.....he will throw one down over anyone.
The crazy thing about Huestis? He is only a Junior! Right now he is 6'7". If he grows another two inches before the end of his senior year...he should get some serious attention from major D-1 college programs. And if Huey and the Rustlers keep playing like they have over the past 2 weeks....I don't see anyone being able to stop them in Butte.
[email protected]


Josh Huestis MT Gatorade Player of the Year, MVP at State, All State, All Conference, Academic All State,

State AA All Tourney Team

Ed West: Huestis has place among best big men
Of The Gazette Staff

When I think of premier big men in Montana high school basketball, those who come quickly to mind include Wayne Estes, Mike Lewis, Jack Gillespie, Brent Wilson, Les Craft and Larry Krystkowiak.

Today, we have another budding great in our midst in Great Falls CMR's Josh Huestis.

Yes, he's only halfway through his junior year, but I think Huestis will eventually be remembered as one of the great big men in state history. He can do everything you need from a post: score, rebound, play defense and intimidate shooters.

That much was evident in Friday's overtime victory over Billings West. The 6-foot-7 Huestis scored 20 points, collected 10 rebounds, blocked five shots and probably altered at least that many more.

» Enlarge
I would imagine that the Bobcats and Grizzlies would like to see him in uniform in a couple of years. Whether they get the chance may depend on how much Huestis progresses.

The slender Huestis has to get stronger for the college game, and he'll probably have to play away from the basket much more. CMR coach John Cislo said Huestis has been working on his perimeter shooting in practice, although we may not see it much in games because he can score so well inside.

Those guys I mentioned all had pretty good college careers - Estes at Utah State, Lewis at Duke (third team all-America selection), Gillespie at Montana State, Wilson at Montana State and Colorado State, Craft at Kansas State and Krystkowiak at Montana.

Lewis, Gillespie, Wilson and Craft all led their high school teams to state championships.

Lewis played on what I believe were the most dominant teams in state history, the 1962-63 and 1963-64 Missoula Spartans, who went 49-0 in those seasons. Gillespie led Great Falls to the Big 32 title in 1965, and Wilson scored 51 points points (still a state tourney record) in leading Kalispell Flathead to the 1970 AA championship. Craft helped Bozeman win consecutive AA crowns in 1978 and '79.

Estes, who was Utah State's leading scorer until last year, pushed Anaconda to a 25-1 record and third-place finish in his senior season of 1961. Krystkowiak got Missoula Big Sky into the state tournament in just the Eagles' second year of existence, 1982 and, of course, went on to become a legend for the Grizzlies and later played in the NBA.

Can Huestis lead his team to a state championship or two? It looks quite possible.

Certainly, players of more recent vintage like Matt Garrison (Senior), Dan Sullivan and John Lazosky of West, Matt Kempfert and Ryan Dick of Hellgate and Adam Leachman of Bozeman were all very good. Glendive had a good big man, 6-10 Derek Selvig, who's now a 7-footer playing with the Grizzlies. Selvig, however, was more of a perimeter player than a post.

There are probably some other names we're overlooking. Regardless, when comes to future discussions of big men, Huestis should be mentioned.

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Spam City up in this b-tch,

Spam City up in this b-tch, man!

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Gee Willighers, you are an

Gee Willighers, you are an intelligent poster with nice eyes. I like how you said to put it in the thing with that man. I comprehend all that you are trying to say. The NBA is full of scary black men. I agree with all of your insights. However, might I suggest the Handbook to Getting More Points. Toodles!

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he will probably be the 1st

he will probably be the 1st option since anthony mason jr missed the last season cos of injury

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