Lance Stephenson

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Lance Stephenson

I am very confused with Frank Vogel and his handling of Stephensons minutes. He is without a doubt the most dynamic player on the Pacers roster, I mean look at what he did to Tony Parker. Yet despite being the catalyst to Pacers 17point 3rd quarter lead he gets benched for Sam Young. He was 4-5 and 1-1 from 3. I really hope Vogel can realise that Stephenson deserves minutes and runs more offense through him. I have no doubt that he can be a 15-5-5 (this season, he will get better) player and help Pacers get to play-offs. Give the kid a chance!!!!

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I agree with you although I

I agree with you although I think they want to keep him hungry and humble. All of the mishaps leading to this is his reason for not playing. I don't think it is a talent issue as much as they wanna make sure when they give him 35 to 40 minutes a night he can stay level headed. Of course this is all speculation but I'm with everything you said. They are going to mess around and lose him when a contract year comes up.

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l steph

probably because hes a huge catalyst for turnovers and doenst try to play within himself, hed be great as a sixth man getting around 30 minutes a game someday and provide probably some of the best offense in the league, he shows huge flashes, but isnt consistent in any regard at this point, heck of a talent though love watching him, especially the chocking incident, plus the pacers are too stacked on the wing, once granger comes back there will be no time for him its a sad waste, hell catch on somewhere

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