Lance Got Skills!!!!!

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Lance Got Skills!!!!!

Lance Stephenson Got Skills!!!!!

I think he's the most talented and most skilled player on the indiana pacers. He's a very skilled ball handler, passer, and shot creator for himself and his teammates. Physically he's is a very good athlete, who plays with a great combination of speed, quckness, and strength. I wonder why it is taking so long for him to develop into a very good nba player

Player Comparison: He's a mix between Tyreke Evans & Ronald Flip Murray

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yes he has, its been

yes he has, its been establish long ago, what he lacks is the mental aspect, Larry Bird, when he was the GM kept lance, saying hes a Gem, he has speed and size, what he needs is to control his pace, he plays to rash sometimes

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yeah, they need to build

yeah, they need to build around Born Ready and let him do him because hes GIFTED. Gm's will call about him in the next couple months, but Indiana has to know how to use him. Hes like Evan Turner, Lebron, Kidd or Magic with the ball in his hands (He plays nothing like them BTW, just with his abilties with the ball) so he has potential.

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As a Pacers fan I have to

As a Pacers fan I have to stand up for the other guys I guess, Roy Hibbert is one of the most skilled bigmen in the game, he has a solid back to the basket game with nice post moves and can hit the mid range jumper and turn around and like most George Town centers can pass very well for a bigman. Also Paul George.

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Build around Lance Stephenson

Build around Lance Stephenson lol? Come on now...

He's got the talent and ability to be a starting guard in this league, but his mind isn't right. He still has a lot to learn about playing the game the right way.

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If he didn't have any issues

If he didn't have any character issues, I'd actually preffer him over Tyreke Evans. He can do everything Tyreke can, but his shot isn't broken like his.

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The only time I'd ever

The only time I'd ever considering building around Lance Stephenson is if I wanted to be in contention for the top pick for the next 10 years.

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