Lamar Odom could decide next years champion

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Lamar Odom could decide next years champion

Lamar Odom will decide next years NBA Finals Champion. Whatever team he signs with will be the champion to me. Let's say L.A. keeps him. Do you really think they'll be beat? They'll definetely be the best team in the league. But let's say for fun that he leaves and signs with Orlando or Cleveland. There's no doubt that he would fit in well with both those teams. Orlando can move lewis to SF and Carter to SG and start Odom at PF. That would put them over the top in my eyes. If he goes to cleveland then he provides a player that can spread the court, creating driving room for Lebron. Something they don't have right now at PF. I'm not sure if he's even considering leaving L.A. right now, but that is probably why I have the Lakers as the favorite(like many otheres). However, if he surprisingly leaves and signs with either of those contenders, can you say they won't become the favorites?

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So if the blazers sign him

So if the blazers sign him we win the title? Dont think so.

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not sure

I'm not sure if you add Odom, you'll win the title. Because Cleveland always adds "second guys" like Odom and they still can't win. I'm pretty sure LBJ isn't going to win in Cleveland especially with Shaq now. Examples of 'second guys" as I call them are like Delonte West, Joe Smith, Daniel Gibson....

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