Lamar Odom = All-Star

Tobe Bryant
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Lamar Odom = All-Star

Lamar Odom is going to have his FIRST all-star game appearance this year. Being the 3rd or 4th option behind Kobe, Artest, and Gasol will benefit him and he is going to show flashes of the headband sporting LO from the Clippers. In the finals, he showed his versatility and skillset vs. the Magic, so when the year begins, look for Lamar as the 6th man breaking out for the Lakers this season.

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doubt it

i love his game and he is one of my favorite players, but hard to make the all-star team when you are coming off the bench. I don't see his numbers going up next year, and that will be fine because the Lakers don't need him to. I thought he should have made it in his one year in Miami over Kenyon Martin.

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