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Before you guys start clicking DISLIKE please read all the way through.

Lakers receive Brook Lopez and Tyreke Evans. They get an offensive center to replace Dwight and instant offense/playmaking guard off the bench in Evans. Ultimately Evans will take over for Nash.

Nets receive Dwight Howard and John Salmons. Nets get the guy they wanted all along in Dwight and the off the bench scorer in Salmons that they have been trying to obtain (went after Ben Gordon earlier in the year).

Kings receive Marshon Brooks, Tyshawn Taylor, and Kris Humphries. Most of you will say "why would the Kings do this??". Well, they shed themselves of Salmons' 3 year deal, get two young guards with potential, plus Kris Humphiees will be a $12million expiring contract next year aka TRADE ASSET. They also won't be forced to overpay Tyreke, who is a free agent, and give the reigns completely to Isaiah Thomas who is their future PG anyway.

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The problem is that Salmons

The problem is that Salmons contract will expire next year, bc of a team option in his contract, just like Kris. So this would be like the Kings trading Rekes bird rights for Brooks and Taylor, something that should be more of a last resort trade for the Kings.

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I've seen worst I

I've seen worst I can't give you a negative. Problem is Tyreke is a UFA end of the season, do the Lakers really want to pay him? I don't think he's proven enough to carry the Laker tradition. The Kings would prob want some draft picks as well

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Tyreke taking over for Nash?

Tyreke taking over for Nash? I'll pass

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Im saying no from the nets

Im saying no from the nets standpoint, giving up lopez, brooks, humphries and taylor for basically dwight is ridiculous, nets were offering the magic far less than that when no one knew how lopez would heal, now that hes back stronger you think they will give up two starters and gwo pivotal young bench guys for dwight and a year rental of a lackluster bench player..... Stupid choice for them.

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