Lakers-Warrios Trade

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Lakers-Warrios Trade

I just thought of this and wanted to see what people think.

LAL Gets: Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins

GS Gets: Andrew Bynum, Luke Walton, Steve Blake

LA pairs a dynamic guard with Kobe so they no longer have to play Fisher, Blake or Brown in crunch time and gets rid of Walton's and Blake's contracts. The downgrade from Bynum to Biedrins is not as big as the upgrade from Blake to Ellis

GS moves two big contracts and can rebuild around the cornerstones of Curry and Bynum at PG and C.

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i would love to see monta on

i would love to see monta on a bigger stage but i dont think Mitch Kupchack would pair a gunner next to Kobe, but rather a heady young pass-first PG

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Great trade for GS, but I

Great trade for GS, but I don't see why the Lakers would do it. Bynum is an important piece for them, and I just don't see Kobe and Monta Ellis fitting well together, especially since they are in very different stages of their careers. Both would want more shots than they would get, and they might take too many touches away from the Lakers post players. The Lakers could use an upgrade at pg, but not at the cost of Bynum. I don't think the Lakers should break up their core, especially since a lockout could potentially give their veterans extra rest. Hopefully the new coaching will prevent another playoff breakdown, like what happened this year.

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Sorry wouldnt work because

Sorry wouldnt work because just not enough shots to go around when you have Monta and Kobe while Pau is allready known for not shooting enough

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Will Not Work

Golden State would not want the contracts of Walton and Blake - expensive bench players that have contracts that run from 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 respectively.

Plus Jim Buss does not want to trade Andrew Bynum - the player that he insisted that management should draft.

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Only way the Lakers do it

The Lakers would have to get Curry instead of Ellis and that would never happen.

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GSW ownership wont take bad contracts for Monta

Unless they get a really really good offer, if bynum was 100% healthy no questions asked its a maybe. Problem is thats not the case AND Biedrins has negative value

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Monta and Kobe will not

Monta and Kobe will not work..I can see them coming to blows, Monta is talented but he doesn't have the discipline to play with the likes of Kobe. He still has alot of growing up to do.

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