Lakers / Magic game thought

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Lakers / Magic game thought

I believe the Magic played well because they had a lot more to play for. When Dwight left, the media totally wrote off the entire Magic rosters basically saying they werent even competing for an 8 seed. That they were complete scrubs without Dwight. Also I think Big Baby is one of the most underrated player in the league. Everyone talks about what he CANT do, Instead of talking about what he CAN do!

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I love big baby, but the dude

I love big baby, but the dude is way too far from an efficient scorer to be a starter and taking this many shots. He's averaging career highs of 15 points and 8.5 boards but his FG% is a pitiful 43% and he doesn't take threes or get to the line much so his true shooting % isn't much better at 47%. As long as he's taking a lot of a team's shots, he's going to drag that team down.

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Just shows that everyone in

Just shows that everyone in the NBA can play. I always shake my head when people on the internets ridicule the likes of Luke Walton, but you don't make it into the NBA and last as long as he has by an accident or by last name, you have to actually be good.

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I like what Davis has done;

I like what Davis has done; but Andrew Nicholson is clearly the future at the PF position. I love some of the young guys such as Moe Harkless; If someway we could get a top 3 pick magic would be dangerous again

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