Lakers Great Jerry Buss Dies

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Lakers Great Jerry Buss Dies

@GaryParrishCBS: RT @KBergCBS: Two league sources confirm sad news: Lakers owner Jerry Buss, an icon of the sport, has died. He was 79.

Hall of Famer. 10 championships. Magic, Kareem, Shaq, and Kobe. Wow RIP.

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Very sad news, also it should

Very sad news, also it should be noted he was 80.

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Horrible day for the

Horrible day for the Lakernation. Out of the 29 games they loss this season so far, this is the biggest. They're gonna miss that energy.

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Buss was a pillar of the

Buss was a pillar of the NBA's success. Possibly the most influential owner of all time.... in any sport. Steinbrenner, Al Davis and others received more attention, but what Buss did with the Lakers elevated the game more than those two owners.

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Don't much care for the

Don't much care for the Lakers but man what an owner this guy was. Thanks for the many years of great basketball. Rest in peace and much respect.

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Very sad news, all our

Very sad news, all our thoughts are with his family and how much will his wily control be missed by the Lakers, his son may well be a more reactive owner and no doubt Dr Buss' level of respect and authority will be missed.

It will be interesting to see if things may well start moving quicker at the Lakers now as regards the team's line up as any trades/big moves would have needed to be signed off by Jerry.

He was in many ways the odeal owner, he brought success, spent money but kept in the background and let the people who worked for him get on with running their relevant parts of the franchise successfully.

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No lakers fan but this guy

No lakers fan but this guy knew how to put together a championship caliber team. R.I.P. hopefully this will spark the lakers players to play harder

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Let's Hope his son Jim Buss

Let's Hope his son Jim Buss take a look within himself and change his attitude and the direction he has the team going in......And follow his dad's Blueprints on how he ran the organization......

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