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One thing I noticed about

One thing I noticed about Griffin is that he struggles somewhat to create his own shot; granted it is his first game, but most of his points came off put-backs, he had to work really hard to get his points. I'd like to see him improve his mid-range J and moves off the dribble - that one spin move he did is a flash of what he can be though, it was superb.

Roy was solid again, but I can see how he gets frustrated with Miller, in the Andre was dominating the ball a bit too much for my liking in the second half and it killed Roy's rhythm a bit. Portland are playing extremely well though, it was an impressive win on the road against an energised Clippers team. Batum is shooting the lights out from deep and same can be said for Fernandez. Wes Matthews was being a bit ambitious in my opinion, he needs to take a step back and not force bad shots. That said, if Aldridge plays more like he did in the second half from now on Portland have a chance at a top four seed in the West.

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it was weird watchin a clippers game when they arent playin ur team but man if davis can stop ignoring griffin and get him more touches he can dominate, he starts the game off with an alley oop and i believe he had 9 and 5 in the first quarter, he is the real deal

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toungue out... you misread my

toungue out... you misread my post, i said closest thing to lebron... of coures hes no king james hes a rookie for christ sakes lebrons the greatest phisical specimen the league has ever seen dont jump up my ass for somethin im not claiming. give him some time all i said is he could end up bein the closest thing to lebron if he can keep developing his perimiter game. as of right now hes definitely closer to amare but he is a better passer and ball handler. same athletic ability but griffen looks reaaal powerful out there.. and the kid doesnt quit he goes so hard on every play.

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Griffin looks like he's going

Griffin looks like he's going to be a top 10 big man in the league... this year.

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i was impressed with griffs passin

i knew he was gonna be explosive getting monster dunks but he dropped a few very sick passes which i didnt know he had in his arsenal and i think jordan could be a servicable starter ive said it before they could trade kaman they actually tried to get melo with kaman being the center piece imagine melo and griff as the forwards wow

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@Mr. 19134I'm a big DeAndre

@Mr. 19134

I'm a big DeAndre Jordan supporter, but how is he a better natural compliment to Griffin than Kaman is?

Griffin isn't ready to carry the offensive scoring load in the front court... That's why Kaman is the better compliment (or vice versa). IF they were to start Jordan, that front court would have nobody that could create their own shot consistently. Jordan can't at all and Griffin isn't consistent creating his own offense YET.

Jordan isn't ready. People get excited about the same things he's shown for three seasons. That he can run, jump, dunk and block shots. People don't see the defensive rotations that he misses... Or the missed assignments. Or how he isn't in the right spots when he's supposed to be. How he gets confused offensively. He doesn't have a very high IQ and makes mental mistakes. He's not ready to the point where you trade away your All-Star center.

And @omphalos

I think we need to give Gordon some credit for killing Roy's rhythm in the second half as well.

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He reminds me of a young Karl

He reminds me of a young Karl Malone in build and athleticism, although he probably has better springs than Malone ever did.

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@IndianaBasketball; that's a

@IndianaBasketball; that's a good point, when Roy did get the ball Gordon defended him well, Eric really picked up his intensity on both ends in the second half. That said, Roy was money to end the 1st and 2nd quarter, his range is ridiculous.

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Every year it seems I have to

Every year it seems I have to go through this

Deandre Jordan is not a starter.a lil Bit of production doesn't make him a starter. His defense of IQ is low. He's not a real good defender. Don't just think blocking shots think not fouling the guy and moving you're feet. His offense is bad unless it's a alley and he's know to miss some of thoses. There's a reason he doesn't get many minutes. He's not that skilled. He's not in a jarred bayless situation because bayless showed his skill with time although he's also inconsistant.  Jordan is consistant.  Consistantly bad or just below average with a ok game here or there

Can anyone honestly say he's gotten better in three years?

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looks like we got ourselves a sixth man of the year candidate boys.

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