Lac needs to unload some of the bad contracts. Rubio doesn't want to go to memphis or okc from what i'm reading. memphis needs some veteran experience. could memphis give up every pick, plus a first rounder next year, darko's expiring contract, for the first pick and possibly camby or davis? Darko could cut cambys contract in half (year wise), and if memphis ended up with baron instead...well he could come off the bench, i like conely more.

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dont believe everything you

dont believe everything you read

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dont buy the crap

okay, first of, the article had unnamed sources so it could've been just rumors to dissuade other teams from drafting rubio (a team who lost in the lottery and wanted rubio that bad,,, i'm guessing sacramento). check this out, that's from a local sportswriter from memphis. i think that's more credible.

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