LA Clippers & Eric Blesode

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LA Clippers & Eric Blesode

If Clippers deal off Blesode which is a better deal??

Pacers giving up Danny Granger for Blesode
Magic giving up Aaron Affalo for Blesode
Celtics giving up Doc Rivers and KG for Blesdoe

What's your opinion??? I have to pick one I have to the Orlando like the young pieces and they some fun and full the seat too

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He is overrated but best

He is overrated but best option would be to orlando for aaron

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yea they were talking about

yea they were talking about the orlando deal and the LA deal on ESPN this morning. they led on like something would be happening in the next few days. i think it'll be the Boston trade sending rivers,KG,possibly courtney lee for Bledsoe,Deandre Jordan, possible future pick. im not saying its the best deal, just the one i think will happen

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Pls... If Bledsoe was so

Pls... If Bledsoe was so overrated why do the Celtics, Pelicans, Magic and I'm sure a handful of other teams want him too. They know Bledsoe is ready to breakout next yr he just needs consistent minutes, the kid is already a top flight man on man defender and has been learning how to run the point from two of the best PG's in the past decade in Paul & Billups. Anyhow, the Bledsoe &Butler deal for Granger would be the best for the Clips although DG is coming from a major injury the dude is still one of the better SF in the game and would fit nicely next to CP3 running the break.

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I've heard about a deal with

I've heard about a deal with the lakers involving Bledsoe and griffin (i think)that would bring d12 to the clippers. That to me is the best move since d12 and Paul would like to play together so resigning Paul would pretty much be a lock and if they trade Bledsoe to a different team they better hope that Paul resigns with them or they could be a team on the decline pretty fast.

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Chris Brousard and other

Chris Brousard and other analyst believe that the big picture here starts of by the Clippers trading Jordan, first round draft pick and someone to balance out the bad contract the Celtics are trying to get rid off, all this for KG and Doc Rivers. Celtics insisted that Bledsoe be apart of the deal, but now they just want to get rid of one of their bad contracts ie Terry or Lee. The Clippers next step is to try and do a sign and trade with the Lakers for Howard by offering Bledsoe and Griffin.

The Clippers team could look something like

I highly doubt that this master plan will happen but you have to give the Clippers some credit here.
As for the Lakers I would do that sign and trade in a heart beat, they get a really good athletic point guard and a pf that fits Mike's system, Gasol would be able to move back to Center where he can guard players that are not as quick and PFs. We all know the Celtics should do this deal as well since Doc doesn't seem like he wants to be there. So with Jordan and Rondo they have the two biggest positions covered, depth with Green, Sullinger etc, then they can buy out Pierce for 5 million and maybe go after Iggy or Smith this summer and all of a sudden they are a top 5 seed...maybe.

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