Kyrie hurt again

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Kyrie hurt again

Left Shoulder injury. Shot his free throws with one arm and checked out right after. Same shoulder that caused him to miss 10 games last season.

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Surgery looming

In the off season.

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He's banged up tough, they

He's banged up tough, they need to just shut him down..

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It's actually the other

It's actually the other shoulder, this time it was the left shoulder last year it was the right. I really don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Hope its not to bad.

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Just to put this out there,

Just to put this out there, he has been hurt each of the last 3 seasons, 1 in college and his first 2 NBA seasons. That is the one thing that is special about a guy like westbrook, he has never missed a game, and he goes hard for the whole game, as talented as irving is, if he keeps getting hurt it will prevent him from reaching his full potential and his teams from contending yearly.

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Injury prone

Injury prone

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Hopefully he doesn't suffer

Hopefully he doesn't suffer the same fate as grant hill. The Duke players that were primed to be great in the NBA and slowed by injury. They have some good players in the league but Grant was a perennial all-star before injuries. Hopefully he can turn his fortunes around but I would continue to monitor this before maxing him out contract wise.

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He should be fine. At worst,

He should be fine. At worst, he tore his labrum. Kyrie sitting the rest of the season is only good for the lottery bound Cavs anyway. Speaking fr personal experience, shoulder injuries are usually relatively minor in men under 30 (according to my orthopedic surgeon). Labrum injuries are easily repaired by surgery, and in the Cavs case, no postseason means Kyrie won't be missed.

About 90+% of shoulder injuries in young guys are labrum injuries which are pretty easy to fix (I tore my rotator cuff in a spring league game and my doctor was like wtf, how?). I doubt it will be anything career altering. The only concern should be Kyrie's injury-proneness. The dude has had quite a few maladies since his duke foot injury. I feel as though Kyrie is pretty fragile. Hopefully this injury won't keep him out of the weight room for too long, because he needs to lift and do resistance exercises to prevent himself from continuing to be injury prone.

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