Kyle Anderson overrated

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Kyle Anderson overrated

So I've been following Kyle Anderson aka "Mr. Slo-Mo" since his senior season of high school. I was impressed the way he looked when he played for Team USA in last year's Nike Hoop Summit as he was basically the only player who contributed for Team USA other than his future UCLA teammate, Shabazz Muhammad. But since the regular season started last fall, he hasn't proved much at all. He's had a few games when he's looked decent but he has looked lost and has really struggled even against below average teams like Cal Poly and James Madison. Making the transition from being a New York and New Jersey boy your whole life then moving to the West Coast may be a little difficult but that is not an excuse at this point for the way Kyle Anderson has been playing. I've been following UCLA all year mainly because of Shabazz but last night I went to Berkely to see the Cal UCLA game live, where I rooted against the home team. Watching Kyle Anderson play in person made me look at him in a different perspective then I ever have. His nickname "Mr Slo-Mo" looked more like "Mr. Too-Slo" as he couldn't even make a layup, played lazy on defense and could barely even get up a shot attempt. There was no way in hell I would have ever known that he was the #5 ranked high school player last year with the way he struggled on the court. Even though he most likely won't declare for the draft this offseason, I can't even see him making an NBA roster as a reserve right now. Okay he may only be a freshmen, but for the #5 ranked high school player last year, that's way too overrated.

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Outside of his FG%,

Outside of his FG%, statistically he's still been one of the more productive freshmen since he contributes in a lot of areas, averaging about 9/9/4 with a couple of steals and a block a game. The problem is that he's counted on to be a frontcourt player, doing all the things expected of a college frontcourt player, but he's not strong enough to do that. He can reach for boards with his length, but it's obvious he's not used to being a back line defender and keeping more active guys off the glass.
UCLA's front court simply got outworked by Cal's. In order for him to succeed he's going to have to get stronger, improve his jumpshot and start learning and applying the nuances of big man play because I don't think he'll ever keep up with NBA SFs with his footspeed.

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he's clearly not a one and

he's clearly not a one and done player, but he has gotten better over the course of the season. hes getting about 9 points 9 rebounds and 4 assists and is a guy who when he has th eball tands to make the smart decision. Just really has to get better all around, but hes never gonna be blowing by guys.

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He's pretty damn good

He's pretty damn good freshman. He isn't that fast but he does have some pretty decent moves and good body control. If he puts in the time and works on his jumper I see no reason he can't become Boris Diaw type player. He can be frustrating at times because it looks like he doesn't even try

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I agree^^. but he has a great

I agree^^. but he has a great IQ for the game. He is not a one and done, but i think he has to play SF again next year because they have guards coming in with Levine, Freeman, and they still will have Powell and Adams. Their best recruit might be my youngbul Rysheed Jordan, he could prolly start from day one at the point with Kyle and Adams at the 3 and 2. Kyle needs to develop a pull up jumper because he has no speed for the NBA game. Diaw is a good comparison, but if he gets better he can be Andray Blatche

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I've only saw UCLA twice but

I've only saw UCLA twice but he impressed me more than Shabazz.

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Off Topic

This is a little off topic but Kyle Anderson looks to me like a three year player. If he can be a main stay for them for that long and Jordan Adams stays and Tony Parker can develop as he plays more minutes UCLA won't be too far off from being a Final Four team with those players.

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he's a good all-around

he's a good all-around talent, but he really is a lacking athlete

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