Kyle Anderson

What do you guys think about Kyle Anderson's game?
What do you like the most, the least?
How do you think he will do in the NBA?

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I like his game.. but he has

I like his game.. but he has yet to fit in with the team.... the one thing I don't like about his game is that hes so damn slow.. which will hurt him in the nba down the line.... and Idk what kind of player he will be in the nba..... hes def. not a one and done... never thought he was

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I think he's going to stay 2

I think he's going to stay 2 & then leave. I'm still waiting on either him or Shabazz to take control of this team...

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He has the talent he's 6-9

He has the talent he's 6-9 with ball handling and passing skills, but he is just so slow. It'll be hard for him to get to the rim in the NBA and he's not a great shooter either.

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I honestly don't see too much

I honestly don't see too much for him to be honest with you. I don't even think he a future lottery pick. If he can bulk up a little bit he might make a versatile point forward. Right now his speed, quickness, athleticism, shooting and decision making are all mediocre not a good sign for a future NBA guard.

It's hard to tell how much of his decision making is a result of the UCLA system though to be fair, it seems like a pretty stagnant offense they run in the three games I've seen this year.

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I think he'll look like a

I think he'll look like a much better prospect if and when he develops a shot. Yesterday he had one of his better games as a college player simply because his shots fell. Right now defenses can just play him for the pass which makes his decision making even more difficult.

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i think he could get in the

i think he could get in the lottery if he stays a few years..he just needs time to get of right now he does not look like a future nba player..he was overated in HS but at the same time he is still pretty damn good. some guys wait around in college too long thinking that it will improve thier stock and then get lost in the shuffle.. but with kyle anderson i believe that the longer he stays the better it will be for him

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Once he develops a shot, he'll starting looking a lot better. Shooting and Speed are all things he can improve on over time. I'm not comparing the two because they're games are totally different, but Durant in College was more or less the same size (obviously a scoring phenom) but his speed was lacking as well. He's not so slow now 5 or 6 years in. I think people give Anderson too much shit for being "slow" simply because his nickname is "slow mo". Kenny the Jet Smith interviewed him last year and watched video of kyle with kyle right there and one of the first things he said to him is "Your name is SLow mo but.. you're not that slow". If he can develop a jumper with consistent range I don't see why this kid can't be as good as Hedo Turkoglu once was, if not better. The Magic Johnson comparisons should've never been made in the first place. Let us not forget that in terms of showing off individual talent UCLA is one of the most difficult places to do that under Ben Howland.

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Too slow

not going to make it in the NBA

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Lamar Odom?

I don't understand why people keep saying he is too slow. Have you ever watched a UCLA game? He's no different than any other players on the court. His vision and basketball IQ are already NBA ready. He is probably a 3-4 year player but I see him as a Lamar Odom type in the NBA with better passing. He definitely needs to improve his shooting and a improving his rebounding would be helpful. He is surely a first rounder whenever he comes out but 2-3 more years would be helpful.

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