Kobe's game winning attempts

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Kobe's game winning attempts

I always thought that with the game tied in the 4th and your team holding/going for a last possession shot to win the game, you should shoot with about a second or so remaining to eliminate the other teams chances at getting a rebound and calling a quick timeout. You could miss your shot and take your chances in OT.

Twice in these playoffs, game six against OKC in the first round and last night against PHX in game five, Kobe takes his shot with 3 or more seconds. They almost seemed rushed abit but within Kobe's style of play. Its a given that the defensive team always tries to double Kobe on these last second shots.

On these 2 shot attempts, Kobe missed, but sufficient time remained for a Laker teammate to gather the rebound or airball and put up an easy lay in.

Do you think shooting this "early" is strategy by design, specifically for a chance at a putback or did Kobe just take what the defense gave him? Was it dumb luck? Having a defensive team double Kobe on these shots means a 4 on 3 rebounding advantage in case of a miss for the Lakers.

In game six against OKC Ibaka didn't box out Gasol (Ibaka got caught watching the play). In game five against PHX Artest put up his layin attempt while J Rich seemed to be trying to avoid a foul with his hands at his chest/waist. In both cases there were more Lakers players at the hoop then the defending teams.

Do you think this is all intentional or just coincidence?

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