Kobe Camp Vid

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Kobe Camp Vid

Kobe telling Some kid " Your Not Going To Dunk On Me.....On My Camp.......Is this a insult to lebron, and is this why lebron didn't want to show the tape......well some people might say that but i just say he is having fun and lebron justs needs to live alittle

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kobe vid

it was all in fun. We know kobe and lebron have a rivalry, and any foothole one can get, they take it, even if it is only a joke. but that's very funny, good post!

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LOL Tomorrow LeBron is gonna

Tomorrow LeBron is gonna make a song
It goes...
"Kobe, Tell Me How My Ass Taste"

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Kobe and lebron

Already had a little back and forth right after the finals that was chronicled by TMZ. After Kobe won the title, Lebron wore a shirt that read "The Real MVP" around town. The next day, Kobe wore a shirt that said "Count Em" displaying 4 trophys. The day after that, LeBron wore a shirt that said "Check My Stats". It was a funny little back and forth that was probably all in good humor just like this video clip.

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