Kobe Bryant,

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you dont want to argue? i

you dont want to argue? i have siad like twice i have my opinion and you have yours but each time you kept trying to tell me why my opinoin is wrong.

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Women Lie , Men Lie......Numbers Don't !

All-Time Laker Leader in pts
2 finals MVP
Olympic Gold Medalist
Fiba Championship
81 Pts Game
4 Straight 50 pt games
104 games with 40 or more pts
5 60 pt games
24 50 pt games
12 all nba teams ( 8 first team )
10 All Defensive Teams ( 8 First Team)
12 Time All Star
3 Time All Star MVP
Slam Dunk Champion
2 time scoring champion
nba all rookie selection
Most 3pt Shots Made in A Game ( 12)
only player 2 score 600 pts in the postseason for 3 straight years
youngest player 2 score 25,000 ( and 24 , 23, 20, and 18 thousand pts)
youngest player 2 start an allstar game

This Is not even all......if u read between the lines it says 2nd best player of all time

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Should I pull up Wilt's

Should I pull up Wilt's numbers?

Magic's numbers?
Bird's numbers?
Kareem's numbers?

The numbers would still argue against Bryant as second best all time.

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no way

Mike did too much for basketball, i never seen nobody play like that not to metion now much influence he has on today's bball players its stupid. he made bald heads cool, his sneakers sell crazy even those corney fusions,when retired the first time he came right back with a 3 peat and the best team in NBA history. Nobody in the league even like saying they better than him people ask Kobe is he better all the time and he say nothing like he scared of mike which he should be.

Last he never shared spotlight he would'nt allow it in today anybody can put upp a case for best in the league. When jordan played he made barkley,ewing, and the rest of them lost picking up confeti and champange corks. That houston team always say if mike didnt leave they had no shot to win those chips they got.

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