Knicks vs. Nets thread

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Knicks vs. Nets thread

The battle for New York is about to begin, who you guys got? I'm going with New York

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I'm proud to say I'm a Nets

I'm proud to say I'm a Nets fan

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Rasheed Wallace vs Jerry

Rasheed Wallace vs Jerry Stackhouse battle of the carolina old

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Why did marshon brooks minutes drop so much ?

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Great game. Tons of

Great game. Tons of excitement in the arena. Lots of Knicks fans. Not enough to drown out the Nets fans, but enough to make it a quasi neutral site. Guess there is no competing with the buying power of Manhattan.

Regie Evans was a monster. There was one possession where he got three offensive rebounds. A Nets player would shoot, Reggie would go get the board, hand them the ball so they could shoot again. Repeat. It was amazing and after four shots ended with the Nets hitting a ten footer.

They gave out commemorative T-Shirts because these were the tickets that were supposed to be the first major league professional sports game in Brooklyn since the Dodgers left, but it got post poned for Sandy. So the tickets show the original game and then are crossed out with the new date. So I got that T-Shirt. And then I got a T-Shirt from the t-shirt cannon. And since I'm on the second level it pretty far away for them to shoot those things. So that is kind of neat.

Great game. Tons of energy in the house. Nets need DWill and J Johnson to get over their "big stage" freight and find their shots. Yes you aren't in Kansas anymore and you are expected to WIN here. Deal with it and hit your jumpers like you have during the rest of your career. Once that happens, this team will be fine.

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