Knicks Vs Grizzlies

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Knicks Vs Grizzlies

The battle of the two best teams record wise in the NBA on national TV, and no forum topic? The intensity has been up through, and the Knicks look fairly fresh for having a big game with the Spurs yesterday. Memphis might have the most finely crafted lineup with ZBo, Gasol, Gay, Conley, Bayless, Pondexter, Ellington and Speights. They're tough, experienced, and they know what kind of team they are and the style of play they maintain. Its been close, and they are as tough a matchup for anyone in the league right now.

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Started watching from second

Started watching from second half tbh,It is 10 point game right now (Memphis leading)
Memphis is still impressing me and actually playing the way I expected them to do last season
really like their front court

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just saying i called knicks

just saying i called knicks would beat spurs lose to memphis

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Looks like the shots aren't falling any more. Furthermore Grizzlies have beating 5 above 500 teams. Early in the season? Maybe, but they are strong arming the Knicks. Not that its hard to do.

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