knicks vs clippers

without chandler and melo, Knicks lose by 45 with JR smith scoring 20 points on 8-50 shooting from the field.

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Got that one close on J.R. ,

Got that one close on J.R. , that's true.

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well, predicting JR smith's FG% is pretty easy. When I watch him play, he just looks like a thug who doesnt really take the game serious. I just want him off the Knicks. I hate the way he carries himself on the court. Hes the type of player that could average 29 points a game and his team would still finish in last place. Of course, from the 29 points, he would take about 40 shots a game. I know people are going to rip to pieces with what i'm about to say here but here goes: First, this team isnt going anywhere. They will make the playoffs and get knocked out in the first round regardless of who they play. All I want is for the team to keep Amare on the bench all next season, maybe try to trade Melo, have kidd retire, get rid of felton, JR smith and a few others and just completely tank the entire season, try to make some trades to get more draft picks. Hopefully, they manage to get the first pick in 2014 and a few other picks where the draft class seems deep. This is a long term plan, but if your a knick fan, you have to hit bottom, ROCK BOTTOM, before you can build a winner. Right now, this team, even at its best, just doesnt cut it. Im sorry.

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JR has monster talent. So he

JR has monster talent. So he can play really really stupid and still kind of be functional. This was just a bad game. He could have easily gone 10 for 20. This was an undermanned team. But the main problem is Woody. He is just an idiot. First of all, if you team is this messed up, just start JR. You know you are going to finish with him and play him big minutes. Second of all, Novak (3 for 3 for 9 points) should get more play time, no matter what his recent shot has been doing. He is clearly one of the Knicks top five players (that were available today). Why 17 minutes of game time. He is much better than Shump, who basically starts but then doesn't get any minutes. What is Woody trying to prove?

Also, can the Knicks go out and sign a legit wing SF? Just get anyone from the D-league who is athletic and 6 7". Give yourself some ability to not be super small once Melo goes down.

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