Knicks vs bulls

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Knicks vs bulls

this game is a mess:

melo: ejected
woodson: ejected
T.Chandler : ejected
J.Noah: ejected
Jr.Smith: fouled out

i blame the knicks for one thing winning or loosing you can't argue every call i mean if your playing catch up you can't argue every call and get technincals.
2min 6 sec remaining the knicks did a nice job cutting the lead to 9 without their stars.

messy but very exciting game

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And Rasheed Wallace doesn't;

And Rasheed Wallace doesn't; hmm something's not right

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Buncha primadona's

Just goes to show, the bulls came in with tough attitude and instead of responding the right way the Knicks lost their heads.

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I saw the topic and thought,

I saw the topic and thought, FINALLY RASHEED IS BACK! Turns out he didn't even get in trouble? These young bloods gotta learn the basics!

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you got all that from "Knicks

you got all that from "Knicks vs Bulls"?

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Noah puts his shoulder into

Noah puts his shoulder into Melo on a pick no call then Melo barely argues and is hit with a 2nd technical foul. Meanwhile Chandler put his shoulder for a pick the same way and gets called for a foul. Refs need to be more consistent.

Its a joke when guys like Noah get calls over Melo. On Melo's 1st tech foul he was clearly fouled on the arm driving to the rim and the ref was right there on the baseline. He's the 3rd best SF in the whole league and 2nd best player in the East.

Felton had another off game he either needs to rest maybe take a game off or just take less shots. Knicks need Amare back since Sheed n Camby are hurt a lot. Amare is one of the few front court players that can get to the rim and take some pressure off Melo and JR.

Woodson's lineup were a mess too, Novak plays 31 mins and gets 3 shots why is he on the court if he's not getting shots. Put Melo at SF, Copeland at PF he's showed he can shoot and drive to the rim a lil at least.

Prigioni needs to be more aggressive and looks for his shots or else the opposing defense gets to guard 4 players.

Can't wait till Shumpert is back and healthy need his athletic ability to get to the rim and lock down offensive players. No way Nate, Hinrich and Belinelli should score 49 pts thats too much for guys who aren't stars. If Deng, Boozer, Noah beat you thats one thing but the role players

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The refs eventually were a

The refs eventually were a factor but the Bulls clearly outplayed the Knicks for 3 quarters. It wasn't until after the ejections that the Knicks closed the gap, making the game appear closer than what it really was.

The Bulls aren't the most talented team offensively, most likely in the bottom 3rd of the league with Derrick out, but they are one of the best executing teams in the league. They pass the ball very well (2nd in the league in assisted FGs), constantly set screens on and off the ball and they make the defense work very hard to stop them. What it comes down to for them offensively is making shots, which they aren't good at. They don't generate easy offense at the rim, they have no post game and they're one of the worst 3pt shooting teams in the league, but they generate good, makable shots. Even role players can make good, open shots. Not only do they run their stuff well and make the defense work, but they're also one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the league. Stopping them is more than just stopping their key players. Opposing teams have to outwork them, do all the little things and hope that their jump shots aren't falling.

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