Knicks Need Supporting Cast

As a New York Knicks fan I realize that even with Amare Stoudimere and Carmello Anthony the Knicks still need further assistance, before they can become a contender in the eastern confernce let alone the NBA.

For starters we need a new coach for the personnel that is on the rooster Mike D'Antoni is not the best fit for coach. I'm thinking we need a proven coach someone like Mike Brown or take a chance and hire Patrick Ewing.

The rooster needs of the Knicks are starting center, sixth man, and upgrade point guard if possible. One possible trade scenario could be extend Chauncey Billups contract one more year and package Billups along with Renaldo Balkman and trade those to New Orleans for Chris Paul. Another trade that with low risk and potentail great reward would be trade reserve guard Bill Walker to Dallas for benchwarmer center Ian Mahinmi he's a legit 7 footer (France) who was originally drafted by Spurs in the 2005 draft. This tells me that dude is a baller who just hasnt got a chance to shine because the Spurs have a knack for scouting european talent after they did draft Tony Park and Manu Ginobli to new few. I believe Mahinmi could come NY and be the starting center from day one and I can't forget to mention he would be the lone 7 footer on the Knicks rooster. The final trade that would improve the Knicks would be package Roger Mason and Sheldon Williams and trade them to Memphis for O.J. Mayo and Darrel Arthur. These trades and right coach would instantly put the Knicks into the conversation of NBA contenders.

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No Sense

Can you explain why these teams would make these trades?? You think Chauncey Billups and Renaldo Balkman get Chris Paul?? Expiring contracts are nowhere near enough. They would want ready players and draft picks as well. This offer is a joke.

Why would Dallas want Bill Walker? I know Mahinimi is no star but Dallas isnt going to trade him for another guy that wouldnt play.

Now to the funniest trade offer. Mason and Shelden for Mayo made me laugh but then to continue on and see you want Darrell Arthur in the deal too is very funny.

Just because you want guys doesnt mean you can just trade the Knicks garbage and these are done deals. While you're at it we might as well trade Jeffries for D. Rose and Turiaf for D. Howard.

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Lol these trades don't work

Lol these trades don't work in a fantasy world even.

BTW Roger Mason is a free agent and so is Shelden Williams.

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There’s still one additional

There’s still one additional layer to add to this: the Celtics erased any reason for bitterness by moving quickly and smartly to replace Allen. In fact, not only didn’t the Celtics get left high and dry, it’s fair to say they actually upgraded at his position. Yes, it came at a cost: $15.7 million over three years for Jason Terry and $21.4 million over four years for Courtney Lee. But that pair makes so much sense on this roster. Terry fills in Allen’s experience and leadership skills while adding shot-creating abilities. Lee brings some younger legs and a physical, defensive element that Boston’s backcourt lacked last year. He can shoot it a bit, too. Once Avery Bradley returns from a shoulder injury, the Celtics will have one of the league’s best four-man guard rotations. What a great way to set up a future supporting cast for Rondo and what a great way to bury any lingering resentment towards Allen.

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“It feels great to be back

“It feels great to be back with the team,” White said, “Suiting up and getting ready to go out there and battle with my teammates.”

Upon joining the Rockets, White appears eager and ready to learn in order to do whatever it takes to contribute in Houston.

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