Klay Thompson's parents have him under manners

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Klay Thompson's parents have him under manners

Outside of David West and Lance Stephenson, Tuesday night’s Warriors-Pacers fight was a skirmish between a bunch of the nicest guys in the league. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Roy Hibbert going at it isn’t really “Gladiator,” you know?

I mean, Klay Thompson is such a sweetheart that on top of the $35,000 fine the NBA levied against him, his dad (former NBAer Mychal Thompson) is going to take his allowance away. From ESPN Radio, as transcribed by Believe the Hype:

This was the first time that Klay has ever been fined for an on court indiscretion in his NBA career and the consequences will be more noticeable to him than just the $35K fine. The 23-year-old doesn’t have access to his money, all cheques are paid to Mychal and Julie who take care of his accounts for him to make sure Klay’s financial situation is set up for his post NBA career. So, naturally, Papa Thompson’s going to teach Klay a lesson of his own by fining him personally also, however, Klay will find out the old fashioned way.

“He will [find out he's been fined by us] when he sees that cash envelope show up a little short this week,” he said.

A few things here:
1.Haha to all of this.
2.Parents still get mad when their kids get in fights, even when they’re adults.
3.Getting docked allowance probably won’t help Klay’s reputation as a guy who looks like Cory Matthews on “Boy Meets World.”
4.Klay Thompson’s parents control his bank account?

To that last question, the answer is yup.

So, if Mychal takes care of Klay’s finances, what does his week-by-week financial situation look like?

“Rent is $3K … Walking around money $300 a week…” Mychal explained. “That’s a lot of money to go to the movies and buy pizza…”

But what if Klay wanted to take a girl out on a nice date?

“Go to Langers in Oakland … Go to the grocery store and get a nice [bottle of wine] for $30…”

What about the corkage fee?

“Sit in the car and drink it.”

Seems like Mychal Thompson is a pretty good dad, except for maybe the part where he tells his son to sit in a car drinking a bottle of wine, which is almost definitely illegal. As a former player who’s been around the league for decades, he knows the struggles that young players often have with their money and he’s taking steps to prevent that from happening to his son. Plus, he seems to realize that if he takes Klay’s allowance away when he gets in fights, he can probably trick him in to not trying to fight guys who are 7-foot-2, weigh nearly 300 pounds and have gone through MMA training. This is just a dad looking out for his son and that’s pretty nice.

And, of course, it’s also hilarious because an NBA player is getting his allowance taken away. Let’s not forget that. TBS Very Funny, even if he’s just playing around.

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Damn that's crazy. I

Damn that's crazy. I understand not wanting him to splurge but if they ever let him off his leash he would probably go wild and blow right through his money.

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At first I laugh at this and

At first I laugh at this and think the kid needs to grow up, then I remember watching the 30 for 30 "Broke"and it doesn't sound as bad anymore

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I certainly can't tell anyone

I certainly can't tell anyone the right way to raise their kid, but I think there is some serious benefit to having them become independent and in control of themselves. This seems like overboard treating him like a little kid. 300$ a week? What if he wants to hit up a strip club or go to a nice restraunt or get some new clothes on the whim?

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Good for Mom and Dad

Doesnt that sound great? This kid has a mom and dad! Honestly though look at Allen Iverson, the guy is bankrupt. Charles Barkley should have had someone take care of his money then he wouldnt be sitting on a stage acting like a clown. Athletes blow their money on stupid things. After life in the NBA is done nothing is guarenteed. Either they didnt go to college or got a social science degree that wont pay for their car bills let alone everything else. Good for his parents, if they werent taking care of his money he might be paying an entourage to do it for him like MC Hammer. Guess what folks its not Hammer time anymore.

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The thing is Mychal Thompson

The thing is Mychal Thompson (Klay's dad) played in the league and has probably seen players blow there money, on people they barely know or buying pointless stuff. It is nice to say others players should let their parents do this, but most other players have family leeching off them for money instead of looking after it.

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