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Ok, the Kings struggled this year but showed glimpses that they are on the way up with Hawes, Martin, Garcia and Thompson all showing they have what it takes. They still lack a decent point guard though with Udrih doing ok but not setting the world on fire. My question is what other point guards are there out in the Nba that are gonna be available in the off season? I know guys like Chris Paul wont leave the H's but surley there is a top point guard out there that could be available, or do you think the Kings will use their first round pick to get a PG if they miss out on Griffin?

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Really deep PG class

With the amount of really good point guards in the draft, I don't think they'll need to puruse one through agency. You've got Rubio, Jennings, Teague, Maynor, Mills, Collison, and Calathes if he stays. It might be in their best interest (if they don't get the 1st pick) to make a move to get one of those guys.

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Yes def agree. Many Guards

Yes def agree. Many Guards in this class but for sure I would go with stephon curry or brandon Jennings. I think those would be your best pick if they miss out on Griffin. Don't sleep on Donte Green either. He is a good person to develop in the league even though leaving college way to early. He will turn out to be a ball player. Kings should go for one of those 2 PG.

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