kings-clippers-bobcats trade possibility

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kings-clippers-bobcats trade possibility

kings get gerald wallace and raja bell
bobcats get randolph and kings #23 pick
clippers get beno udrih and kenny thomas

kings get the sf they were looking for in wallace and make raja 6th man and garcia go to the 3 and sometimes point cuz he has great balll handling and played a lil point last year. they get deep in the 2 and 3 positions with donte green also. re-sign rashad mccants. you need depth at those positions cuz all these guys are injury-prone.

cats get a big man to go with okafor for years to come. draft budinger or henderson or any sg/sf with the 11th pick. more depth with 23rd pick.

clippers get a good backup pg in case baron goes down. an expiring contract in thomas. more pt for griffin. and thomas can show griffin some pointers. he can't show him much but if thomas is known for anything its post d. he's very quick and a bit undersized (like griffin) and is a very good rebounder. no o game though.

lemme know what you think.

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griffin isn't undersized. if a 6'10 pf is undersized, then what do you call 6'6, 6'7 pfs? puny forwards?

i got confused with your take on garcia, if gerald wallace is the sf, then why would garcia play the 3 (sf position) as well? and the 2 is locked for kevin martin. and gerald wallace was already in sactown before he was drafted in the expansion draft of the bobcats. the trade is okay. atleast moving randolph doesn't involve the 1st overall pick.

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This trade would be

This trade would be incredibly nice for the Kings ! I can't believe that this trade will happen...

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I think

After looking at this trade, i think it might actually work. The Clippers would probably get the worst deal since Udrih is way over paid and does'nt come off the books for about 4 years. But otherwise it works.

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Bad trade

The Kings dont need another SF cuz they just sign extention with Garcia and they got Andres Nocioni from last trade and they still have Donte Greene there too! They need a starting point gourd and big guy inside for back up!

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the bobcats really going to give up a 26-year-old whos probably their best player and their best trading chip plus Raja Bell a great defender and winner for Zach Randloph an out of shape, injury-prone, salary-eating headcase?

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Nice try, but this trade doesn't work

The clippers, for giving up there leading scorer (even though he is a nut job) should be getting a lot more back than just Udrih and Kenny Thomas. Maybe another first round pick?

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In a heart beat I would do this even if The Kings would have 3 small forwards. Clips can wish in one hand and [email protected]#@$ in the other..... about getting more for ZRandolph ... nobody wants him, I wouldn't bet on any draft picks added into that trade option, Clips will basically have to give ZRandolph away...

I admit from a Kings stand point this would be way to good of a Trade for Sacramento, tho it does take away any 2010 cash options baring Raja Bell and GWallace contracts.

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Bad move for the Bobcats

This would make no sense for the Bobcats. Your trade would leave them without a legit Wing Player on the entire roster, unless you count Combo F's Radmanovich and Diaw. There would be no legit SG on the team unless they could get one with the 12th pick in the the crapshoot known as the draft. The 12th pick of the NBA draft does not have a strong history. Meanwhile, PF Boris Diaw has worked out great with Emeka and the rest of the starters.

The Bobcats' needs are as follows:

A SG to learn from Bell and possibly replace him in the near future.
A backup PF.
A tall, versatile perimeter player.

If they Cats had lucked out in the lottery and gotten a shot at Harden, they would have really been in business for next season.

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