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Can somebody please tell me what the Kings are doing? Their whole organization is in shambles. What direction are they going? Are they building their team around Cousins or Evans? Neither? What happened to Jimmer? Why did they draft Thomas Robinson if they use him in a backup role? Coming out of college people said he was the most NBA ready. Isiah Thomas was a bright light last year but why did they sign Aaron Brooks? What happened to this organization? Just a decade ago this team was up with the Lakers/Spurs as perennial championship contenders....Crazy

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The most dysfunctional

The most dysfunctional organization in the NBA.. sadly.

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even funnier is that they

even funnier is that they wanted jamal crawford who was pretty close to signing there last year and thats just absurd to have crawford, evans, thornton and counsins all on the same team.

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Bad Decisions

They made the right draft picks when they took Evans and Cousins. Most of us thought so at the time at least. Thing is, with their immaturity, they needed a strong coach who knew how to deal with them. I think managment failed with their coaching choices. A coach like Larry Brown would have been the best fit to get the best out of them. WIth Cousin's latest suspension, I think the team needs to move on without him. To give him another chance will assure him that he can get away with anything. The big question is Evans. Do they re-sign him or not. I honestly think it's a tough call to give him that big contract with "hopes" that he grows up and improve to his potential. Best choise is to move him for something/anything. Continue the season around T-Rob and see just how good this dude is.

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An array of things

Drafting the best players available with no direction. General manager can only be spotted when his job is being questioned. The owners are only out to make a quick buck due to several failed buisness ventures they tread along the lines of being broke. The only thing they trade for are more draft picks and cash considerations. Along with trading for draft picks and money they can also be spotted going after lame duck coaches in absolute refusual to hire someone proven to be good at their job.

I have seen players come onto the team that were decent before, and then become awful after they arrived. JJ Hickson, and Carl Landry are proof of this. When they left the team, they became decent contributors elsewhere. Along with that they don't develop players. That frachise is dysfunctionality at its best. I grow tired of everyone on this siter claiming "Keep drafting the best player available." No, the kings have had more than enough talent, it is just under developed.

Cousins continues to take terrible shots, Tyreke Evans offense has become relatively ineffective. Isaiah Thomas who was very much in the rookie of the year race last year burried in the bench. Jimmer ferdette while a terrible pick up by the kings a product of a log jam of guards...really just everything. I'm totally numb to it...being a Kings fan. I used to be furious and couldn't wait to watch the Kings games. Now it seems that product is in absolute shambles. How that team is allowed to hit the floor every other night is a mystery to me.

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The owners are more concerned

The owners are more concerned about relocating the team than improving it. The Maloofs have been in a bad financial situation for years now, and as such, have hired coaches on the penny since they let Rick Adelman go. Geoff Petrie is past his prime and should have been let go along time ago, but with the way the Maloofs handle things, they most likely would have hired someone off the street to save money.

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Don't give up on Jimmer.

Don't give up on Jimmer. There's no doubt in my mind if he played for a more mature team with an established system, direction, and roles, he would contribute in big ways.

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Honestly this why I think

Honestly this why I think Jimmer looks bad because he is on the kings....
Not only is there organization messed up but so are there players,there all selfish and just try to look good .Another reason by T-Rob hasn't been that impressive

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Put Jimmer with George Karl,

Put Jimmer with George Karl, one of the best coaches in the NBA, and he is different player.. They dont run plays for him like they should. He is a fantastic shooter than can slowly transition into more.. However, you dont put someone in a position to fail and then be surprised when they fail..

IMO, they need to move Cousins, Brooks, and Thornton for a legit Center.. IDK if anyone would take that group but imagine if they did.. Those 3 guys would change the complection of a team and could make the right team a contender.

An option would be Brooklyn.. Avery Johnson is a respected coach that has done great things for Blatche, maybe he could do the same for Cousins..

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This would allow Tyreke Evans to re-establish himself as "the man" on the team.. Start Isaiah Thomas and allow Jimmer (who has been playing really well lately) to provide backup for the PG/SG spot. Allow Thomas Robinson to start beside Brook Lopez, because they would compliment each other well.. And with Salmons, Garcia, Outlaw, and Tyreke, they can do the SF spot by committie..

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Jimmer is actually playing

Jimmer is actually playing well this season. Past 4 games he has scored 10, 22, 15, and 16 points. The problem is their coach does not play him consistently. In the game he scored 22 he didn't even play the whole 3rd quarter. He needs 25-30 minutes a game. Not a terrible pick at all, they just don't want to play him and it baffles me why. He is number 6 in points per game in 48 min. in the entire NBA behind James Harden.

Like many of you have posted it is the system. So much one on one play. It looks like a pickup game offense. But if JJ Hickson is any indicator of what is going on in the organization. He got CUT from the team and is now averaging a double double with the Blazers. There is something wrong with coaching, the system, etc.

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Is there any way for the

Is there any way for the league to threaten contraction if the Maloofs don't sell the team?
They need to be sold and relocated. Maybe then they'll hire an NBA caliber coach instead of getting the cheapest one possible. Coaching isn't the only problem, but under a better coach there'd be more progress.
Oh, and I'd fire their GM too. He's lost his touch and is just drafting talent with no regard for team chemistry and fit. Petrie used to be really good at drafting but he's fallen off. Drafting is one thing, lack of any other good moves is another, but I can't completely blame Petrie in that area since his hands are tied by the owners and the fact that the Kings are currently the worst destination in the NBA for FAs.

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