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Well, i think its fair to say the kings are going to have a pretty high pick this year (barring a lottery mishap) I also think it's quite clear what the position of most need is: point guard. I just can't decide who would be the best fit for this team:(in no specific order)

1.Steph Curry: i don't know why, but i'm thinking if we draft a new bibby, it may be great. for some reason i have no idea why.

2. Jrue Holiday: Some people say Russell Westbrook, which would be a dream come true. What i'm afraid of is Quincy Douby the second.

3. Brandon Jennings: The first time a watched him i thought he was going to be the greatest. Euro league hasnt panned out but i like this kid.

4. Jeff Teague: If we go for defense this is the guy. Havent watched him too much, but looks like a good finisher and could run a fairly fast offense well.

Now, take into account the many pieces that will still need to be added, but along side kevin Martin, Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes who would fit the best. Please give me your input.

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only guy I can see developing is...

Jrue...I think we all know that Curry and Teague are scoring PG'S...Jennings I haven't seen enough of yet to come to a conclusion. Anyhow, Jrue is a very talented played. At the very least he will be a athletic combo guard who is a good defender...I'm banking on Jrue to be the best out of those four.

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Jennings is the best fit for this team...they want 2 run, he might be the fastest guy in the draft...they're best ball-handler is John Salmons who plays SF and they're considering trading, so he would give them an instant upgrade in that department...he is a great passer and looks to pass 1st, he can shoot the 3 and is an athletic freak!!!!!

if they take him they will have Jennings, Martin, Thompson, & Hawes...they all do different things, so they'd have a great mix...add a shooter at the 3 and they could be competing for a playoff spot very soon!!!!!

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What the Kings Should Do

If the Kings get either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pick, I think they should trade down, for the 4th or 5th pick, to select Brandon Jennings or Jeff Teague. I doubt J'rue Holiday will enter the 2009 Draft, but he'll definitely develop into a true point guard before, the 2010 draft. Stephen Curry will not be in the top 10, scratch him out immediately. He's not even a true point guard, he's a shooting guard in a point guard's body.

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Kings want Thabeet

The Kings are so terrible that they could use anyone. Even though I agree that they need a point guard, the Kings are most interested in Hasheem Thabeet because they need a strong defensive player. I think they should shoot for a point guard with there Houston Rocket's Traded pick(Ron Artest Trade) and get a mid-major point guard such as darren collison, ty lawson, patrick mills, or eric maynor.

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Don mentioned the possibility of trading down should they get the top pick or in the top 3. I partially agree with that. If they get the 2nd or 3rd pick, yes, they should trade down. However, I wouldn't be so hasty to overlook Blake Griffin should they win the lottery. While PG is definitely a higher priority for the Kings than PF, you can't deny that Griffin would be an instant upgrade over the guys they have now (Jason Thompson and Mikki Moore). Think of the Bulls last year. Everyone said they should take Beasley because of their frontcourt needs, but they ended up upgrading over Kirk Hinrich.

Also take into consideration that the Kings have the 23rd overall pick as well. There are plenty of good PGs in this year's draft. You also have Eric Maynor, Patty Mills, Ty Lawson, and Darren Collison. Or if they don't get one in the first round, there's good second-round prospects like Tyrese Rice and Curtis Jerrells.

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Bad situation

The kings could use so many different pieces that anybody they draft at the top of the lottery would be ok with me (except at power forward and 2 guard). But they obviously need to get a point guard first, so i think they should go after jennings. He is a true point guard with all star potential. Or they could go with patty mills,who in my opinion is the 1b to jennings 1a in terms of point guards in the draft with his amazing speed with and without the ball. If they figure they could get a decent pg in the lottery or free agency (andre miller), there 23rd pick should be centered towards getting a small forward or center, they should look 4 a small forward like terrence williams or earl clark of louisville, or a center like jerome jordan of tulsa since thabeet will likely be long gone before that pick.

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they should go small, draft

they should go small, draft harden, play him at the 2, play martin at the 3, play, donte green at the 4, and thompson at the 5. then they just need a point guard like johnny flynn from the cuse. that would be fun to watch. they would still not be any good but fun.

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This team will need a lot

This team will need a lot more than Thompson and Hawes in the frontcourt to be any good. They have the worst defensive efficiency rating in the league and I imagine that has a lot to do with the fact that they also have the worst rebounding rate in the league. They also need a true go to guy, who can also create for others. This team needs to get the first overall pick to get Griffin. If they don't get the 1st pick, then they need to trade Thompson or Hawes along with their pick to get it. The worst team in the league deserves the best player. I hate the lottery!!! If you knew Minnesota draft history you'd know why.

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I agree the kings do need a PG, but the question is do they need a scoring guard. Well, they just lose John Salmons and Brad Miller for Andre Nocioni and Drew Gooden and Michael Ruffin and Cedric Simmons. Salmons was there second scoring output behind Kevin Marten. Now with that scorer gone I would say that the Kings need to draft a scoring PG and I think the perfect fit there would be Stephen Curry. The kid can flat out score and thats what the Kings need, with some defense involved.

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they need...

Well obviously if they get number 1 overall you have to get Blake. If they get 2, I would go with Harden, they need a scorer now that they lost Salmons, and drafting Curry at 2 would be a little crazy. However, it is apparent that they need a point guard, and like Boogie said, a scoring point guard would be a great thing for them. (because of losses of Salmons and Miller) If they do not have the opportunity of Blake or Harden, Curry would be a good pick and I would not mind them picking Brandon Jennings. I do not think they need to panic about a power forward because if they are worrying, than why did they waste that draft pick on Donte Green. This is a dream come true for Green because he will now be able to play alot and get the experience he needs to turn him into a better player. And with a scoring threat at the point guard position like Curry, it would open up the whole offense. And if they got Harden then they would have 2 good scoring threats with Kevin Martin and James. And then if they get Blake, than just let Blake play. They could go with Jeff Teague, another scoring threat at point. Or they could play the other way where they draft a shooting guard(Harden), or forward(Clark), or Center(Thabeet) and then try to get a second round steal at point, like Jerrells, AJ Price, or Tyrese Rice.

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